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  2. OK - I think I understand what's meant then. I can cope entirely with the commercial side of things. Am I right in thinking that inside virtual stages where there is no entrance fee to that part of the building and in a cache where there is a clear use of GPS coordinates would be OK? That, presumably, also means that a final cache could be inside any reasonable location so long as no fee was charged, there wasn't an obvious primary commercial process and there was clear GPS use required?
  3. Another note on the "no contact" guideline, there have been some instances where cache owners were being selective. Old challenge caches might say when completed contact me and I will send you the final coordinates. Some cashiers would get them others would not if the cache owner did not like you. Same with some puzzle caches or other caches. This is not a new guideline it is been around for a number of years now.
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  5. Sí, puedes borrar el registro y sí recibe un mail avisando sobre el borrado.
  6. You can go to the cache page and/or contact the CO.
  7. I'm not following; I thought you were looking for ideas for gadget & mystery caches. There's no reason I can think of that those types of caches have to go on business/commercial properties, and very few are actually on those kinds of properties (though some/many are on private property). The one I found most recently was in the deep woods of a county park. With a little thought/effort, most ideas should be adaptable.
  8. Please discuss competing products in their own social media channels. Use the Geocaching Forums to discuss Travel Bugs and Geocoins trackable on Closing this thread.
  9. Libraries aren't trying to sell you anything, and a geocacher shouldn't feel any pressure to buy anything (or even pick up a book) when searching for a stage of a cache inside a library. If someone told me that a library was charging a hefty entrance fee, or that it costs $5.00 to check out a book for two weeks, then I would treat an indoors stage at a library the same way that I'd treat a geocache stage inside of a pub. Edit to add: There is no exception just for "Library" caches in regards to the GPS usage requirement. A library cache still needs an outdoors stage that requires GPS use.
  10. I do not see any exception here. The cache must have the coordinates before it can be published. Even if the cache is in the library, it has coordinates. There is no requirement that the GPS device should work when the cache is searched. One way to construct a library cache is hiding a hint of the final position somewhere outside the library. There is no requirement to use gps on every stage.
  11. The context is that the specific element of Touchstone's post deals with the amount of GPS usage required. The suggestion is that any indoor cache, other than library caches, should not be able to work because there is no real GPS usage involved. Why would library caches be an exception to this over, say, a virtual stage in a small museum, for example, which required someone to find information from a display or noticeboard?
  12. Normally you can find a library cache without interacting anyone if the cache is on the shelf.
  13. I sorta agree that the wording isn't phrased well, but I don't see that at all. To me, it simply means that additional logging requirements that some used years ago, "you must email me for coords to the final" or, "see the desk clerk for the info" as examples, isn't allowed. People can still email a CO requesting a hint, cachers can still get together to work on a tough mental or physical challenge, and you still need to email the owner of an earthcache or virtual to complete them.
  14. The owner of the tag is named Cukie which probably matches the corroded letters on back.
  15. Getting together with someone who hasn't solved is a good suggestion. Like you said, it is sometimes hard for a person, even the CO, to give a hint without giving too much away. I have had COs want to give out hints and i have even asked a couple or three times for hints but have found that getting help these ways usually takes too much of the fun out of it for me. There aren't very many puzzle caches around these days but when i do run across one that i'm interested in, i do my darndest to solve it myself or work on it with friends. It goes to the back burner if i'm having too much trouble figuring it out. There have been a few that i've chosen to ignore completely because they were overly tedious or seemed too ridiculous,,, for my little brain to handle.
  16. Surely that depends upon the size of the building? If it's a massive building then I can understand why that might be slightly problematic - the coordinates don't narrow down the location. If, however, it's a small building where the coordinates can be used to identify the building in the first instance, then surely that's entirely reasonable? I'm thinking more of virtual stages inside buildings by the way. And why would there be an exception for "library" caches? That doesn't make sense at all. Whilst I'm here, are these guidelines being applied retrospectively to existing caches? My assumption was that there was grandfathering going on? The original question suggests that there is retrospective application going on. I can understand that the vast majority of caches should fall within **guidelines** and that this should include no required interaction. To apply this retrospectively to caches which have existed for a number of years would seem, to me, to a step way too far. It would, for example, lead to the archiving of a cache which has been geocache of the week twice, including once this past summer. Which strikes me as pretty dreadful decision making.
  17. The notion of "Commercial" was introduced in the Guidelines in 2002. Various updates over the years have clarified and expanded this section, wherein 2012 brought about the current form of that portion of the Guidelines that is pretty much unchanged since then. The other aspect that hasn't been touched on is the amount of GPS usage required. Aside from "Library" caches, pretty much any cache or Stage inside a building fails that requirement. YMMV on that point however, depending on the amount of GPS usage in other parts of the hunt. Perhaps you could find a way to move the Stage outside the business, which would still maintain the security of the Stage, but remove the requirement to interact with someone to access it?
  18. Basically that also means that ANY co-operation of geocachers is also not allowed. Since you have to contact some else before you can do the cache. The gist of the rule is probably "contact the cache owner or some (or more) specific person". But now it blankets out any communication requirement between geocachers. So caches where each geocachers walks a specific route and has to communicate with the other group are not allowed (like ). Making appointments to do a 'teamwork' required' cache also is off limits because you have to 'contact someone else'
  19. hi,, ive just found a cache (clear tube), floating in the river avon near bath. im hoping i can get it back to where it came from (within reason). the log book has GC3RBER/flusternde(?) written on inside page. one of the last to log is D.169 on 20/5/17 can anyone help?
  20. For me, the second best alternative to getting a nudge from the CO is to team up with another geocacher that has not yet solved it. When collaborating with someone else, you're still solving the puzzle. When using a FB group or asking someone that has already solved it for a hint, some times that hint almost gives it away. The person providing the hint/nudges may be giving away more information than the CO would, essentially making the puzzle easier than they intended.
  21. I would write to the CO, list the steps I have taken and the results I have achieved and ask if they would be willing to give me a nudge in the right direction. Most COs will help if asked politely by someone who has invested time in trying to solve the puzzle.
  22. one stage had cachers enter a business and tell an employee they were looking for the stage Aside from "no contact" try reading the commercial guideline: Cache pages perceived as commercial will not be published. Commercial content includes any of the following characteristics ... Suggests or requires the finder do any of the following Go inside a business Interact with employees
  23. It has nothing to do with business. It could be anyone.
  24. No. the CO suggests that an anonymous person reveals to a business person that they are a geocacher. No ID required.
  25. You force a geocacher to reveal his identity to someone.
  26. To keep this moving here is a hint. He is buried in a cemetery, where? Another hint: Darth Trader
  27. Fellow goecachers...thanks for the diverse feedback on this topic. It was really good to hear all of your perspectives. We ended up messaging the cacher that posted to DNF to request that the log be changed from a DNF to "note". As a result, the cacher ended up deleting the DNF log entirely. Just an FYI
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