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  2. I should have have really said that Sistema are the New Zealand equivalent of Lock n Lock. My apologies to any Kiwis I may have offended.
  3. We own a quite a few caches which are Sistemas (Oz equivalent of Lock n Lock). Most of them I have painted black or olive drab as camo. The clips on a Sistema are usually a bright blue and can give it away so that's a good reason to paint it. We have one which is a D4 which I have not painted, if it were painted it would be even harder to find - 58 Found Its v 40 DNFs. They make good, long lasting containers which a reasonably waterproof for our climate except when the lids are not replaced or clipped properly.
  4. It sounds like the navigation compass, where the phone screen shows distance to cache above a compass with a white/orange needle. It sounds like the 'locked' compass is the one on the overview map? If so, then one of your phones in in Center mode (with North up) and the other is in Swivel mode. You can change it by tapping the icon at the top right of the map, above the map layers icon.
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  6. If you see a top menu, then it sounds like you're using the 'old' dashboard? In the 'old' dashboard, "Find another Player" is in the right-most column, down in the "Community" section. I hope the attached image helps:
  7. Yes make a new log and instead of hitting found it or DNF hit the button that says archive it. Then maybe give a quick reason why and it will not show up anymore.
  8. Keep in mind that adding photo descriptions from the logging page adds text to the photo's "Description" - which is not visible when viewing a cacher's Gallery. Users have to click to enlarge the photo in order to see the added text. I'd personally prefer that the text is added to the photo's "Name" - which is visible in a cacher's Gallery.
  9. Could I please have a free trial of the Premium Package? Thank you.
  10. I truly can't find what you describe. I see a top menu, but not a left menu. Can you attach a screen shot? Thanks.
  11. My guess would be that the elevation challenge you provided as an example is allowed because it's easily 'proven' by looking at a cacher's Profile Stats page on PGC. It's not as easy to see DeLorme fulfillment. Perhaps the reviewer you quoted wasn't very familiar with DeLorme challenges and was mistakenly thinking about Counties. This would not be surprising if the Reviewer was in Europe, since DeLorme challenges are mostly a USA thing.
  12. You can't. But you can archive it (which is what you want).
  13. The other 2/3rds got a couple at a geocoinfest, but I believe they just came out then ('08). IIRC she wanted more (someone's bd) just a couple years later and couldn't get the site links to work then. Next coinfest may be a good bet, but rarity ups pricing.
  14. Great. Glad that you were able to get it working with the Firefox app. It's odd that the Samsung Internet app doesn't give you the option to choose an app to open the link. If you could get that and select "Always", then it should save that choice and open with that every time. Quite the mystery why your phone isn't giving you that option, but at least you have a workaround now, even though it's not by using the browser you prefer.
  15. Hmm, I have a diamond and a sapphire in my collection. Sales links to a broken site but maybe you can get somewhere from what is there. Look up the domain owner and email them. If you pull the domain info, you'll get a name and if you search that name, you'll find a facebook profile that is of the creator of the gems. He most likely still has some stashed away, if you were to ask.
  16. How do you delete a geocache you made.
  17. I tried the users link and get this: Can’t connect securely to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner. I'll send a email but have little hope.
  18. As a player of both games I have not encountered any Pokemon GO stops or gyms in cemeteries, but I have geocache placements in a few. Respectfully placed of course, not close to any graves but along the fence on the outside, except for one in a very remote old historic cemetery. It's inside of a wall around the cemetery. I enjoy exploring those places.
  19. Have you tried reaching out to the user who started this topic in 2008?™/ If these are still available I'd love to purchase one too.
  20. And neither of those containers pictured were what I found at Joshua Tree ... it was a tin, but shorter and larger diameter. Hmm, I didn't look back far enough, looks like, and I did not check the CO's profile either. Just found the last NM. I'm's interesting tome how it has remained in play with no OM, and the NM log/flag. Maybe because of the lack of DNF's since other cachers keep it going?
  21. the moderator might want to edit on4bam's reply as well
  22. It makes a lot of sense if the CO is trying to alert people who carry supplies to bring some for the cache. When someone replaces the container and/or log the CO can then log an OM to get rid of the NM. One NM does not get the attention of a reviewer. If the cache owner does actually want to visit his cache to replace the log or container, maybe he wants more time. Maybe he doesn't live in the area but vacations there every summer so is hoping to get 6 months of time but wants to let finders know there's a problem by using an NM. All speculation though. Hopefully the OP will come back and tell us why he would prefer to log an NM as opposed to a Disable.
  23. Just a few cemeteries, not an area wide ban, thankfully.
  24. GC4797 - I was going to say that someone needs to post a note telling the cache owner that they can remove the NM with an Owner Maintenance log. Some cache owner's don't realize this, and appreciate the nudge. But the cache owner hasn't logged in since 2011. GC2B56M HIdden July 2010 in the Joshua Tree National Park, near the park sign. First NM Dec 2010 for a broken container. Original container a throwaway ziploc container. See photo. The cache owner never responded to problems. Cache owner hasn't logged in since 2013. Several finders have replaced the container. The second one was another ziploc-style throwaway container that ended up (in 6 months) with a cracked lid and contents swimming in water. Then it became a tin candy tin. Then the tin was was run over. Someone replaced it with another candy tin. See photo. 4 NMs. No response from the owner to any NM. First container: 4th container. 2nd, 3rd and 4th containers were left by finders:
  25. I can't find a seller of Geo Gems. The only google search has a link that won't work. Are these no longer manufactured ? Anyone know who sells them?
  26. Started in Jan 2012, both of us 63. Most cachers in our area seem to be couples with young families, then there's gap to retirees.
  27. Huh? If the CO's trying to duck the issue, why would they post either an NM or a Disable? It makes no sense whatsoever to think a CO will want to call a little attention to his problem with an NM, but not call too much attention to his problem by disabling the cache.
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