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  2. There's a local Virtual Cache with DNFs, so maybe that will help. One of the DNFs was from me. Several DNFs from other cachers are specifically about not having enough time. It's supposedly time-consuming, and depending on your travel plans, it could be tough to work into one's schedule. It's a strange cache, listed as D4.5/T5, which made me very nervous. It seemed easily found my the vast majority who attempt it, do they all PAF or something? The icon is on the roof at the center of a building, and the route to the cache is what supposedly makes it hard. The object is to locate a sign and email the sign info. My biggest concern was, since GZ is dead-center on the building, I don't know on which side of the building I'm supposed to be, to see the sign. So I need to be sure I know the correct route, which I don't know. I kinda expected all the pieces would fall into place as I arrived, and it would all make sense. Nope. I wanted to go the D4.5/T5 route to the cache, not the easy way. But... there's "one way"? I'm mystified to this day. Remember one thing: "D4.5/T5" I got to about 200 feet from GZ, and now what? Am I there? Am I supposed to be closer? That drive was too easy. I did it wrong... right?! Do I just pick a sign? I'm stuck. I do not understand this cache. At all. I filed my DNF, kicking myself for attempting it. I knew this would happen. Note to self: No more surreal caches. What other log could it be? A "Note Log"? No log at all? There are other DNFs, so that kind of log must be OK. DNF it is. I Didn't Find It, and more importantly, likely will never find it: DNF. Did Not Find, that should be a DNF log. Makes sense to me. The CO contacted me, amazed that I failed at such an easy task. Obviously for a Virtual Cache, you get to a reasonable distance from GZ (yeah, not on the roof), log the find. Um, wait. That's it?! So in conclusion, if I'm attempting it, a cache page that absolutely confuses me may cause a DNF log, if I cannot even tell when or if I have "found it" (such as the distance from GZ where the Find occurs, or never experiencing the "impossibly difficult route" that is actually just one turn off the road). For everyone else, sure, if they thought they had enough time, yet spent extra time to travel to that cache and still couldn't manage to get there, they might log a DNF. That sounds good. Next time I'll cut my losses and say "I didn't have enough time", rather than admit for all the world to see, that I'm an idiot. And of course I'll never mention it, and never attempt it again. I hope that helps!
  3. OK - that makes sense I think. Thank you for coming back to me.
  4. I submitted a cache for review today and the email saying it had been submitted arrived at 11:59 am. The e-mail saying that the cache had been published arrived at 1:31 pm. One hour and 32 minutes later. I don't think you could improve on our local reviewers.
  5. It was when trying to log the cache as found. I reverted to the previous version already and it works as it is supposed to now. So you have been caching with your Oregon with this update with no problem?
  6. If I recall correctly, right click in the circle you made, and you get the option to either clear this circle or clear all circles. Same for the route ,measuring markers.
  7. I have an Etrex 10 which I have used to download Cache pages by inserting the GC code manually. I have now bought a USB lead with the intention of downloading the details automatically straight to my GPS. The problem is the Etrex 10 seems to only cope with a six figure GC code but most of my caches have a seven figure GC code and often it cannot recognise the difference between caches if they have the first six figures being identical. Can anybody suggest a solution or am I condemned to download every cache manually ?
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  9. I'm not sure. I haven't actually used that for a while. You could ask in the forum for it:
  10. Ah, you have to be using the Leaflet maps rather than Google. I changed my map preferences and got it to work. It seems you can't have it so that it automatically adds the circle around caches, but you can pick spots and then see if any caches are too close. Not quite what I was hoping for, but still useful. Is there a way to make the circles go away once you've created them? Thanks.
  11. Hmmmmm. I installed Greasemonkey and then installed Geocaching Map Enhancements, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it work. Where is this "i" icon?
  12. I'd say it belongs to this cache:
  13. Bump.
  14. What browser are you using? On Firefox, install Greasemonkey (which allows you to run outside scripts on web pages). Then install Geocaching Map Enhancements: When it's installed and running, you can click the "i" icon, click the map, then select "Marker". Set the radius size (default is 161 m / 528 ft), and it'll make that circle you want. Another browser? I don't know. There's probably other script things like Greasemonkey you can use to run this tool.
  15. I would guess that a virtual stage inside a for profit business would likely not fly. This is covered in the Help Center. I'm thinking of things like gathering aisle numbers inside a grocery store based on where you find a particular product type of thing. Clearly commercial in my mind.
  16. Noncentric hits it on the head. I was asking for the Bookmark Lists [short] to be listed above the Favorites [long] in the "List" Tab, see his "Like HERE" above. I believe Noncentric's suggestion has merit. I'd prefer the two buttons to be listed alphabetically or that the button is sticky so the button pressed would be remembered.
  17. When you go to the page to create a new cache, you're shown a map with circles 161 metres / a tenth of a mile around posted geocache locations in the area. It's a useful visualization of where it might be possible to place a new cache (keeping in mind unknown cache locations and other guidelines) before actually visiting the area to scout out locations. Does anyone know of a way to view a similar map with circles a set distance around posted geocache locations, but with the ability to choose that distance? One of the major parks systems in my area has a policy that caches must be a minimum of 500 metres apart. It would be helpful to have a way of visualizing this on a map.
  18. the last log
  19. Hi Kippers, looking at Moonjays logs she has had to replace that cache a lot as people have been stealing the mummy and there is presence of a vial as you described in the container. Perhaps you found the remains of one of her stolen caches?
  20. Can you make out any of the finders names & dates? It might be possible to track it down from that.
  21. I can post on the UK geocaching Facebook page if needed. I don't think a lot of UK cachers use the forum.
  22. If you find a trackable marked collectible you can keep it. It's now yours to collect.
  23. @marty bartfast- Ive contacted moonjay, who has a cache near me, from what i can work out, just waiting on reply
  24. ok thanks
  25. Are you sure that's the correct GC code, as that belongs to a cache from Central Gemany so it seems unlikely that it would be found floating down a river in Western England. I've posted about this in the UK Geocaching facebook group where someone might be missing a cache :-)
  26. OK - I think I understand what's meant then. I can cope entirely with the commercial side of things. Am I right in thinking that inside virtual stages where there is no entrance fee to that part of the building and in a cache where there is a clear use of GPS coordinates would be OK? That, presumably, also means that a final cache could be inside any reasonable location so long as no fee was charged, there wasn't an obvious primary commercial process and there was clear GPS use required?
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