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Etrex Carry Case On Legend/vista C

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I used to have a yellow eTrex, and got the Garmin carry case with it. Then somebody stole my eTrex (in the case), so I've bought a new Legend C. I was going to order the Garmin carry case again, but I noticed that the dimensions of the Legend C are different from the B&W Legend (and yellow) eTrex. The C is shorter, wider and less deep than the older units. I don't want some of the lovely colour screen obscured by the carry case, so I'd like to know: does anyone have a Legend C or Vista C in one of the Garmin eTrex carry cases? Can you see it properly and operate the buttons?



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I sent this message to Garmin's support email:


"I've bought a Legend C, and would like to buy a carry case for it. I

previously had a yellow eTrex and the Garmin carry case with the clear

window on the front. Will it fit the Legend C properly? I notice that

the overall dimensions are different, and especially the display sizes are

different between the monotone and colour screen eTrex models. Will the

Garmin carry case obscure any of the screen?"


This was their response:

"I would be happy to help you with this. You can use the standard

Etrex carry case. It will not obscure the screen in any way. "

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I have a Legend C and a Vista C. Both of them use the standard case. The screen is Wider on these 2 models so the sides will be obstructed slightly by the case edges. All the buttons are still accessible and so is the power connection with a flip of the velcro.


I have read up on the new gilson carrying case and would not recommend it for a few reasons.


1.No power cord hole.

2.The buttons are hard to get into place and keep in place.

3. the cutout for the jogstick is very small.

4. The zipper is on the bottom and you run the risk of breaking your jogstick as you remove it from the case.


So for the time being, it looks like the standard case is the way to go, until another company comes up with something different.



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