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I have friends who won't log their finds if they find 'em just with me, because they aren't with their families, who they usually go geocaching with. That seems a bit of a shame! And also, my family isn't generally interested; so I'm on my own for doing this, unless my young teenagers miraculously <_< become intrigued (which they do, on occasion!). When that happens, they don't want "their" finds to be logged on my account.


So I got to thinking, wouldn't it be nice if my friends could have their own separate ID, which was somehow linked to their family's ID. (And vice versa, what if I could have a family ID for those miracle days when my kids show an interest). And, as a premium member, these should be able to access the premium features. So just signing up with just an ordinary ID wouldn't work, wouldn't be the same.


How 'bout it? Cool idea or what? :lol:

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A similar thing was suggested if I recall correctly only it was called group ID's instead of Family or something like that. What would work as well is a network of friends (like a buddy list). When a log is made and a relation with these buddies, the log could be split to give a quick summary by the appointed leader of the group, upon reading details of the log there could be sections for each users own notes, comments, etc

Just an idea. It would clean up the logs list a bit, instead of having 5 logs from the same day by a group, just one which would expand to show each users individual log.


And of course the log status would count towards that corresponding users stats.


Other possible methods, such as gaming clans. Clan/buddy/freind/family/etc signup where the leader would create his groupe then users could join the group (pending approval of the leader). Once a user has been recognized as part of a group or groups, additional options would be made available when logging a find such as if he went with the group etc. The first person in the group to make a log would be used as the main log on the main page, others would be either after clicking for more details of the logs perhaps in expandable boxes.

Or Statistics such as who went on the hunt as part of the group etc.


No matter what is done, making users relational(?) will probably be tricky and complicated.

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