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It's The Midwest Geobash

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In July, there's an event that everyone worldwide is invited to. We were hoping that the news would travel up to Canada through word of mouth. It doesn't look like that worked. Keystone mentioned that I should post something in here.


Midwest GeoBash July 15-17, 2005


It's an easy going event. We have over a hundred cachers watching the event, so if you're into the big events, this should meet or exceed your expectations.

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2005 Midwest GeoBash - Flamingo Invasion !?!?!?


Yikes! How can you tempt me like that? Don't know you my obsession ? (well, one of them). <sigh> Now to find somebody to drag along.


If I can drive close to 2,000 km to Florida for GW3 <_< then a short 410 km to your event shouldn't be too bad.

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While makng your plans keep in mind that we are having a Site Theme contest as well as a Silly Hat contest.


The sites are going quick in the south camp. There are hotel links on the cache page. There will be a crowd about the same size as at GWIII.


See you there.

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:rolleyes: this is a wink isnt it?

Yeah, it's a wink, but I do know a few people in the US who have been banned from flying for (as far as I'm aware) no reason. One of the administrators of HackThisSite says that he's not able to fly. I assume it has something to do with hacking.

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We've started preparing for the invasion. Are you staying with Keystone?


We have a 3 room tent and so we will be booking a tent site on the south side. I'll let you know the details soon. Don't want to use up all of Keystone's electricity with the flamingo neon lights and other stuff we are bringing. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for a wonderful and very informative time Bjorn. I've got lots of notes and some new ideas with which to talk to our parks officials. I'm also contemplating writing an article for our local newsletter on tips for submitting a cache faster. It was good to meet you and all the other cachers I only know by name through the forums.


You bet we're coming next year! Especially if you keep the theme - I went 'Mingo shopping on the way home! A whole Fairground to play on and $7 camping to boot? We'll be bringing reinforcements too so watch out.


Oh and thanks to our neighbouring campers who ended up being decorated with all the Canadian flags the next morning. :o

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