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Mapsource City Select: Buy Now...or Wait?

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I ordered a Garmin Vista C the other day and I should get it in the mail next week. From my understanding I really need to get the Mapsource City Select software for the GPS to be of much use to my navigationally. Should I buy version 6 now, or is a new version going to be coming out sometime soon? I don't want to buy something just to have it be outdated in a couple weeks.



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Garmin usually updates in the summer (June or July). If you buy 6 in close proximity to the release of 7 (or after the release of 7) you'll get a free upgrade. The sticky point is guessing what "close proximity" means. If you live in an area with lots of fairly new roads, I would probably wait.

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City Select Europe v. 7 is available (released 11/30/04). Not City Select NA. The North America ver. 6 was released 6/15/04. I assumed that TKEON230 was in the States, but that may not be true.


More here.


Edit: Official Garmin policy:

If you ORIGINALLY & NEWLY unlocked a NEW locked MapSource CD-ROM product ON or AFTER the release date of an update for that same product, you are eligible to unlock on that specific update what you unlocked on the original for no charge. In other words, you can update to the latest data for free!
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I am not sure that it is worth your time to upgrade anyway. I own both version 5 and version 6 of City Select. The only difference between the 2 that I could see was updated points of interest. This is not worth the additional cost. I was thinking I would upgrade every third time and save some bucks. :(

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I use the same protocol with MS Office.

Use OpenOffice in place of that, never need to worry about $$


If I'm understanding the quote Sputnik 57 provided, it might be worth simply bying the current version and not activating it until the new version is released, that way you get it for the cheaper price. Of course the same could go for after saving even more money when the price falls after the new version is released (find a old version, and upgrade it for free)

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Just a heads up, Amazon.com now has the Mapsource City Select NA v6 software for only $108.95. I think that's the cheapest you'll find it anywhere...

Thanks for the heads up. Now that I have a GPSr that does routing, I had to get it.


That price includes free shipping too.

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