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Smartphones Not So Smart?

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Can anyone suggest a good file format for use for the cache descriptions and previous logs I can output from GSAK or another similar program for use with my Motorola MPX200. This runs a stripped version of WinCE that is call Smartphone.


I have tried html and that seems to work really well, except the Smartphone has some limitations here. It can't take all the data as one file, the 3M file of data doesn't pose any kind of storage problem but IE crashes after loading a portion of the file. It doesn't like any more than about 1400 files in a directory, so the output from GSAK at 1500+ files poses a problem there. It is not again a storage problem at about 4M, but the file manager complains about there being too many files in the directory. I can work around this by pressing the scroll down button for a moment after the error message and it lets me access the files anyway. I'd prefer a way to talk GSAK into using a few fewer files or better yet talking the Smartphone into being okay with the large number of directory entries.


BTW, the html output from GSAK is a revelation! Wow.

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