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Caught By Dh On Firetruck!

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Okay, I am new to geocaching and still trying to get my family interested and involved with it. I have been interested for over a year, but just purchased a GPS last Saturday. Still have yet to find a cache, although know the general area of quite a few. :(


SO!!! Today, on the way home from my 14 yod's piano lessons, I decided to try out a couple. The first one had FIVE police cars with their hoods up in the park (a water retention area--go figure!!), so I bypassed that one.


The next cache was near to my home and I figured it was a pedestrian overpass that we could park near and walk to. So, after driving this-way and that-way to find a spot to park, my 6 yod and 14 yod and I started our trek in the 100 degree weather at noon to (hopefully!) find my first cache! My girls were ribbing me the whole way--especially my teen. We were having quite the time and I didn't hear the end of it on the way back to the car 30 minutes later, cacheless.


When we reached the main road's sidewalk, I remembered my dh was working at a firestation nearby (he "roves" as Captain, so his station varies shift to shift) and told my teen daughter, "Wouldn't it be horrible if your dad drove by right now in the firetruck?"


She turned to speak to me and her eyes grew wide as she exclaimed, "MOM! There's Engine 37! And there is DAD IN THE FRONT!!"


Yep, he was leaning up and waving with a puzzled look on his face as I laughed and waved back and my 6 yod jumped up and down shouting, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" and my teen tried to find a tree to hide behind (hard to do in north Phoenix!). Then, we saw the firetruck turn and we knew they were coming back to check on our welfare. By this time I was laughing so hard I was stumbling from the exertion and tears and my older daughter was running full-bore to make it to the Suburban before the firefighters had a chance to identify her. Now, the truck pulled up on the sidestreet we had parked on and flipped on its lights. Yep, we were "an incident". :rolleyes:


Dh stepped out and asked what we were doing out here and was everything alright?!? I was STILL laughing, so my 6 yod had to tell him we were out for an afternoon walk and, concurrently, my 14 yod told him how mom is OBSESSED with this caching stuff and she was FORCED to come along to find something that wasn't even THERE!!! :grin: (She is given to drama...much like her mom :grin: )


I waved to the other firemen in the truck, knowing I have given them good fodder for stories yet again (sad to say, I have many odd stories floating around the fire dept & friends about my activities...I am just blessed that way, I guess! :P )


So, even though we didn't find the cache, we did get a great story to tell from it. I am sure my dd's story will vary a bit with her perspective and literary license! ;)


::::Still hoping to get that allusive first cache!!!:::::


Jenn "hometeachin"

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