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2005 Jeep Tb's Back From Gwiii!

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Funny I swear I heard Nate say they were going to go for a good price on E-bay....


Nah, you can still buy this exact model Jeep at walmart for $2 or something. I know a few folks that bought a few at Wally World and have them on eBay. No clue if anyone is interested or not in the auctions tho.

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LOL @ the names! I have Mertice and Travon in my inventory curently.


I've had Saxon, Hutton and Jayne in my paws at one time or another this week too. We're just swapping them at cache hunts until Monday. I want to see the contest rules and enter before I let them both out of my hands. But they'll be placed rather quickly after that.


Thanks again to Jeremy and Groundspeak for providing them to the GW3 crowd. It was a wonderful surprise!!

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I pried my husbands jeep out of his hands to find out what its name was. Its Betsy....Betsy??? Wow so we have Betsy and Scott, we sound like a preppy OLD ;) couple. Funny he got the girl and I got the boy.

I think naming these guys was a good idea...gives them a little more character...like a jeep needs a little more character....BUT now we officially have a Jeep chick.... I guess Hubby has the Jeep chick. Whatever, I am driving today!

WE are not wasting this pretty weekend...Caching we will go!


Pair O Dux


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Illinois received a fair number of jeeps last year. I am unsure how none of those ever made it to Chicago. Maybe everyone took them out of your state, or you had some anti-jeep contest cachers who started grabbing them up as soon as they were dropped. They had that problem in a few areas, and it is something that I cannot regulate.


Lots of jeeps have been shipped to Illinois, they should be finding their way into caches by late next week.

Starting my timer .. er, calendar. ;)

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