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Converting Lat\longs???

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I'm using Microsoft Streets & Trips to search for maps to the caches I find on geocaching.com. None of the mapping software I have used takes input in the format that the caches are listed on the site (N dd: mm.sss W dd: mm.sss). Most software take input in the dd.xxxx, -dd.xxx or N dd:mm:ss W dd:mm:ss. So....


Is there an easy way to convert dd:mm.xxx to decimal degrees??? Does someone have the formula or has anyone built a spreadsheet with the proper formula? :ph34r:



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Well, 1 degree is 60 minutes, so take the mm.xxx and divide it by 60 and add the results back on to the degrees.


w 122d 50.222 = 122.8370333


or input dd mm.mm into your GPS, switch the format to dd.dddd and your GPS will convert it.


Some software you can also switch the coordinate format in "preferences"

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if you were running a mac i would say try the applescript listed here


i can tell ya the formulas though....


DD MM SS --> DD MM.mmm


SS divided by 60 and place that where the .mmm is


DD MM.mmm --> DD.dddddd


MM.mmm divided by 60 and place that where the .ddddd is


fairly simple actually, if you have any q's just ask

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Excellent find on Geocalc. I was looking for something like this a few days ago. I had marked a spot with my GPS but was wanting to see it on mapquest or one of the other map sites and my coords werent the same format. I finally just created a new cache and then archived it with an apology to my approver and a note stating what I was doing.

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