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Traditional Cache Icon Missing On Map

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I've done a search for this topic but can't find the answer. I bring up the map for the cache locations, the "traditional cache" icon IS checked. The map shows every kind to cache BUT traditional caches. No traditional cache icons. I have to click "Identify" and all of the caches are then identified by numbers, including traditional caches. Why is this happening? Thanks in advance. :o

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It happens sometimes. I think it's when they are regenerating the information about where the traditional caches are.


Normally you can just wait (a day?) and they re-appear.


Or else Jeremy sees this thread and "kicks" some server that isn't operating correctly.

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I wish I could say it was occasionally. This has gone on for weeks now.


I went two weeks ago from Illinois to Pennsylvania, did some geocaching on the way. I waited for a week for the icons to reappear before I left, only having to resort to the "identify" button the night before I left. It took me forever to plan my route! No, this has gone on for quite some time, I believe a couple of months.

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They're missing right now for the caches I'm trying to look at in Oregon.


I don't understand why anybody would think this is a low-priority problem. For me, these maps are the main benefit of my premium membership. They've been broken for two weeks now. Unhappy.

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I don't use these maps.


I take the .gpx files I get from my pocket queries, filter them with GSAK, and then export huge quantities of them to Delorme Topo USA 5.0. You can even specify what sympols you want it to use for each type/size of cache.


There a great number of advantages to doing it this way. You can see a HUGE map. It's totally customizable. And, it shows you a ton more information and cartographic data. You can also opt for it to send the 'names' as hyperlinks. All you have to do is click on a cache in Topo 5, and a browser pops up with the cach page. It's faster than the identify feature.


Plus, if you have a PDA, but don't have map software for it, you can send screen captures from TOPO to your PDA as .jbg's.



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