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Firmware 3.9 - Effected Satellite Aquisition

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I noticed when I loaded the 3.9 firmaware, that it seemed like it took longer to aquire the satellites and with WAAS on, took longer to get below 10 feet accuracy at my benchmark in the back yard. :o


So I reloaded 3.8 and tested at my benchmark... reloaded 3.9 and tested.... I swear there is a difference and 3.8 accquires and gets better accuracy faster than 3.9... so I guess I'm sticking with 3.8 for awhile since it sounded like the track filter problem fix in 3.9 related to the 60CS barometer... :D

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For what it's worth: my experience with 3.90 is that it's as good or better than previous firmwares with respect to satellite performance. There are many variables that can influence accuracy/satellite performance. The most important one I've found is that the satellites are constantly moving. Checking accuracy at a benchmark spot by returning at a later time may not provide completely meaningful results unless conditions are identical, including satellite configuration. I've found the Trimble planning software to be quite helpful in determining this.

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My experience has been along the same lines as GeoBobC. I uploaded ver 3.9 three days ago and have used the 60CS extensively each day since. Acquisition has been rapid, "off to on" at a different location, and moving at 60mph it pulled in 6 satellites in about 20 seconds. So far, so good. :o



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That's why I figured I better check to see if it was just my imagination.... I did do the bench mark checking with both versions within 30 mins of each other just to make sure the sats didn't move that much on me... :D


It is a new day, so maybe I'll go back to 3.9.... :wub:

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