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What's The Latest Explorer 500 Firmware Version?

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hum.. thats interesting you have newer version. my explorist 600. is the 5.1.57 I think. I'll check when I get home today. I wonder if there is a way to upload firmware on these new models.


anybody got a clue?


just double check mine.


its 5.1.61 also..


wonder what the difference si from the 500 to 600 in the firmware.

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I'm sure these units will be able to update firmware; it will depend on when Magellan makes them available. With the Meridians, these kind of firmware updates would surface regularly via repairs, new units bought, etc. But Magellan is much more selective about which versions actually get posted on the web site for public release.


IIRC the Meridian firmware progression for the Platinum, it went from 3.08 (when I joined the game) to 3.12 to 4.02, 4.06, 5.12, 5.35 and it's now at 5.40. Obviously there were a lot of in-house things we never saw.


I don't know of any way to pull the firmware out of the GPSr so it can be uploaded to other units.

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