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Tu1337 Diamond Head 2


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I'm confused. I climbed Diamond Head this morning and snapped a picture of the what I and many benchmark hunters before me identified as

TU1337. I didn't think anything was unusual so didn't bother to read the datasheet while I was up there. However, when I got back to my computer and examined my photo, I noticed that the benchmark disk is labelled "Diamond Head No 2 Reset Apr 2002." However, the NGS data sheet entry for TU1337 Diamond Head 2 has only one entry, and it's dated 1969. Just to be sure I went to the NGS site to make sure I had the most current data sheet for PID TU1337 and found only the 1969 date there also. If this is truly TU1337, shouldn't there be an entry for Apr 2002, the date on the benchmark disk?


Am I missing something? Or is the NGS data sheet out of date?


(If someone can tell me how to upload a photograph here, I'll happily post the benchmark photo and a location photo. I haven't been able to figure it out from the Help screens.)

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What you have likely found is PID TU1337 is no longer in place, for reasons unknown. A reset marker to take it's place has been set, but the Survey data to it has not yet been accepted for inclusion in the database. This happens.


I did am NGS Radial search at 1.5 miles around the former location and found no sign of the reset.


History on this location shows there was a Diamond Head 1872/1927 which was last recovered in 1963 and replaced by the station you were seeking in 1969. It likely went missing again and has the new station mark you found placed but not yet completely recorded. It info could however be in the pipe.


You can file a not found on PID TU1337 if you like. On the station you found, it is not possible to make a filing on at the present time. You aren't missing something, It is just that you noticed before the process has been made complete.


You may also emil NGS and inquire about the mark you did find if you like. They may have information that has not been made public yet that may be of interest to you. I would direct the question to cheryl.malone@noaa.gov.


Good Luck and nice call on this!



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Thanks for the feedback. I thought maybe I was having a brain freeze or something. Guess not. :o


I'm here for a couple of months. I plan on going back up to Diamond Head soon. I'll go earlier in the day and hopefully get to the top observation deck (a very very small deck) where the benchmark is before all the masses of tourists show up. I'll get a GPS reading and maybe a better location photo then email the NGS point of contact like you suggested.


Thanks again!



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CJF, I just wanted to congratulate you for noticing that the current mark is *not* the one mentioned in the NGS datasheet. I see that dozens of other geocachers have marked TU1337 as "found" when it actually no longer exists!


Please let us know what you find out from Cheryl. E.g. whether the 2002 mark will be accepted by NGS or not.


Also, next time you get there, please take some photos of the view! I only saw one such photo from all the cachers who "found" the mark. I know what the mark looks like; I want to see Diamond Head and around in all directions from there!



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