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Allamuchy State Park


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there are several caches up there, "deer pond park" and "easy roadside cache" which we found on an icy valentine's day death march last year. there was a third cache which we couldn't find that day. for some reason i did not record the dnf, so i have no record of which cache we dnf. i don't know why it wasn't recorded, i usually record them, but i have a vague recollection of computer issues.


anyway, today we hiked into the park for some fishing and found the third cache on a spontaneous search when we realized where we were. it was in a small cave, just off the trail from the upper parking lot to the lake. when we first searched the interior of the cave it was ice covered and we assumed the cache was iced in. today, the cache was in relatively plain view, just inside the cave. it was a camoflauged ammo box, it never occured to me to check the name in the log book.


we signed and rehid it better than we found it, but in the same area. the cache is in good condition, and has some stuff in it.


inside the box is a small manilla envelope addressed to avroair.


any help with an i.d. on this cache would be appreciated.



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Yep. That would be my Fallen Angel Mother Ship cache. The coordinates for the cache lead you to parking. You have to find one of two aliens to discover the mystery location... or just stumble upon it like you did!!! :ph34r:

Correction, I think it is Fallen Alien Mother Ship.

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okay, now i know which cache i finally found.


2nd question: was this cache renamed? i think i'd remember searching for the fallen alien mothership and i don't remember this being a multi or puzzle cache when we first looked for it last february.


thanks for the info.

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