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The Wobbly Club Reach 200

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Big congratulations to The Wobbly Club, who reached two hundred cache finds today on my Old Sarum multi! ;)


The Wobbly Club consists of Colin and Daphne, who both have walking difficulties and use walking aids, so reaching two hundred finds is an extra special achievement. Congratulations, Colin and Daphne! And I'm pleased to see that your first and your two hundredth were both caches of mine!

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Thanks for the congratulations. Yes geocaching is a bit of a challenge for us due to us both being disabled. We find that following that little tiny arrow on the GPSr takes our minds off our physical problems. It is only after we get to the cache do we realise just how far we have managed to walk. It is times like that that we need a helicopter to take us home.

It just goes to show what you can do with a bit of determination. Thanks for making the game of Geocaching such great friendly fun.


Happy caching guys + girls from Daphne + Colin.

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