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Pharisee And The 1000 Milestone

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Just received this text from PHARISEE......"The game is on...out at 06.30...14 caches found.Total now 999.Driving down to South Wales overnight.Hope to be on summit of Pen Y Fan WITH "Tommy Jones" at sunrise."..........................

WOWWWWWWW He is gonna do it :laughing:

I will post here as soon as I get the text from him saying its completed :)

C`MON JOHN YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

NES (and Gaz and Layla) xxxxxxxxxx

.....SEE UPDATE .....9 POSTS DOWN........ :drama::o

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:D;):)B):D Congratulations John, a truly fantastic milestone and one you won't forget B):D:D:D:D


I've just spoken to "1000 UP John" on the phone and he sounds well pleased. He was just about to start the hunt for The First in Wales. Good luck on that one too.

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Ummm.... thanks, guys. This is a bit embarrassing. I've only just seen this. When Nes said she'd started a thread, I thought it was just a simple 'Congrats' thing. I didn't realise you were getting a running commentary :o (I wondered how Deego found out about it!!)


I left home a 1am this morning, drove 190 miles, did the 8 mile 2000 ft hike then another couple of miles or so across Blorenge to pick up The First in Wales (and a trig point) then drove home again. My wife sent me a text message calling me 'a daft ol' bu**er'.... Thank you, honey. I'll treasure that :lol:


Thanks again.

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