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Forgot To Log When I Hit 100 Caches


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I've found 133 so far but haven't been on the forums for awhile so i didn't log here when i hit 100... if i remember i'll log here when i hit 200... oh and it stinks that Benchmarks don't count in the total tally!

With only 133 total finds, it won't take long to go the the bottom of your find list and count up 100. And unless you found 20 in one day, you should be able to figure out which cache was 100 if you found more than one on that day.


I think benchmarks should count no less than a virtual. Either add the benchmarks to the total or remove virtuals from the total.

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... oh  and it stinks that Benchmarks don't count in the total tally!

Benchmarks aren't hidden by other users like caches (...even virtuals, in a way...) are. I personally find it strange that benchmarks are included on the stats page at all. There are plenty of things that can be found using a GPS (high points, confluence points, etc.) that have nothing to do with geocaching... just like benchmarks. Why is a tally of found benchmarks included on a site for geocaching?


But, congratulations on your 133 finds! :lol:


Why not celebrate in increments of 133 now? (Really, how is the 100th any more significant?) Your next milestone will be 266, I guess!! ;)

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