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Explorist 400

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I just happend to walk into WalMart today (Canada) and just happend by the gps units. quite unexpectedly, I was stairing at a white Explorest for a few seconds before I realized that it was a 400. I can get the Legend C for the same price plus the 50 rebate. Boy, now I am wondering about the SD chip and how important it might be in the near future for expansion. which to choose black and white vs color, SD vs 24 meg. hmmm

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the 400 was at my local wal-mart and quickly picked it up to upgrade my explorist 100. the battery, SD card and USB cable were all good. the geocaching app is good to get by with out your pda or other paper.


but the basemap really, really was lacking. I don't know of you have to buy the CD to fix the problem, but for some reason when I was 3km from the harbour (Halifax, NS) it said I was in the middle of it.


recall that I had the explorist 100 and loving it.


I returned it for a garmin legend.

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