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Signature Cache Swag

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:unsure: Hi everyone.

Several months ago we sort of desided that a good signature cache item to trade with would be Indian-head pennies. We use 1904 and 1906 pennies that are in "good" shape (you can easily read the year and words). The reason for those particular years are those are the years my Father and Mother were born so each time we leave a penny behind it is like a small honor to them.

Now here is the problem: they cost far more than 1 cents (usually $1.00 plus) but we don't want to leave the impression that someone's cache is only worth one cent. It would be too silly to leave a note with each one that says " this penny is worth much more than a penny." What do you good folks think? Thanks.

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It would be too silly to leave a note with each one that says " this penny is worth much more than a penny." What do you good folks think? Thanks.


I think your penny idea is an absolutely splendid one. I would suggest putting it in a little protective baggie, and you can make a small document (and make several copies of it) and tuck one in each baggie with the penny showing. You could mention your team name, and why you chose those years. If you even wanted, you could include a tiny picture of your parents on the paper. Wouldn't it be cool if you could get their tiny baby pics on the paper?


I would be honored to find that in any of my caches. If it wasn't protected, I would worry that it would get lost at the bottom of a cache, and folks not understanding its value or tribute.


I've seen several signature coins where the team put a tiny paper in it identifying themselves. It looked great, and very professional, tucked in the tiny bag with the coin.

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As a variation on WildGooseChase's/B-n-B's ideas, you could put the pennies inside small envelopes , and on the front of the envelope include a note about the rarity and/or significance of the coin. (As an example of something similar to what I'm trying to describe, see the Coin Collection section of Auntie Weasel's Field Notebook.)

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That is an excellent idea... very very cool. If the coin was just dropped loose in the cache, I'd ignore it. But if placed in a coin holder and accompanied by an explanation of the coin's meaning to your family, I'd snap it right up. It would make me think of your parents as well as of my own. The only issue would be trading evenly for it, as such a thoughtful item is worth far more than its $1 street value.

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I leave old British pennies (and sometimes other coins) as a sig item. To make them a bit special, I put them in coin envelopes, thusly:




The envelopes are, like, $6 for 250 and the rubber stamp was $20. I write something about that particular coin on each one.


By the way, I'd love an indianhead penny (I've picked up a couple so far), and I'd enjoy it all the more if I knew you left them because of your parents.

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I'm with RK in that I don't think most people would see an Indian head penny and think it's just a penny, but I also think Auntie Weasel's envelopes are a great idea.


I've been leaving old coins (Indian heads, merc dimes, buffalo nickels, Ike dollars, Franklin and Kennedy halves) and I think the envelope is better than just having them mix in with the other change that often accumulates in the bottom of a cache.

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:P Hey thanks everyone for your thoughts. I should have mentioned that I put the penny in a small baggie labeled 1904 or 1906 Indian-head penny. When I log the find on the cache page I mention the penny and that it is in honor of My Dad or my Mom. I love the idea of a mini-picture or a small note as to what the penny is all about. Again, thanks. I feel much better now. :anibad:
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