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Underwater Caches?

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We (Zlamall, Wet Knives, my son and his girlfriend) are in the midst of open water scuba certification, and I am wondering if there are any underwater caches in this area. I did a keyword search for "scuba" and got Florida and Belize . . . Not quite our backyard.


Is anyone here certified? If so, have you cached on dives?



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Unfortunately, a lot of the caches don't use the word "scuba" in their names.


Fortunately, searching the forums for Scuba reveals the following which may help. They aren't listed by state, but there are some good lists here:


Scuba Cache, caching underwater, on the water


Scuba Dive Cache Locations?, Looking for dive caches


Under Water Caches?, Wanted: 5/5 caches!


Scuba Caches, Hard to find, so listed here


Also, google has a cool feature that isn't readily obvious. If you enter the following in the search box:


scuba site:geocaching.com


It will search geocaching.com for any occurrance of the word 'scuba'.


I too am a certified diver, and have been wanting to dive on a cache. If you come across some good ones, let us know!

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