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Ka-ho-nee Falls


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I've had Ka-Ho-Nee Falls on my "to do" list for a long time. So I thought I'd brave putting this in the forums and seeing if I can get a group together to try it. I'd appriciate advice from those who have been there.


The date I have in mind is July 16... plenty of time to consider making the trip.


After a recent thread about The Pipeline* and the mention of great caches in the area I decided I needed to go get Ka-Ho-Nee Falls. I'd love to do pipeline as well... are they both achievable in a day?


Wahe Ka-Ho-Nee is probably a little too extreme for me, but it does sound interesting.

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Ka-Ho-Nee Falls is pretty variable. I've done it in February in the rain with the occasional snowbank, and it was challenging, and I've done it in July and got there so quick I decided to reduce the terrain rating by 1/2 star. Since it hasn't been done yet this year, I'm hoping the the path that was worn last year has been overgrown by now. That would add some challenge.

The falls are much more interesting when there is a lot of water going over them. That isn't July. :huh:


It is likely you can do both caches in one day. Either do Pipeline first, or bring an extra set of dry shoes/socks maybe pants. You don't really need hiking boots for Pipeline.


I'd like to send another first aid kit out there. People keep taking it out of the cache. :huh: Of course, if I labeled it for them not to do that, maybe they wouldn't :P Contact me before you go, and we'll see if I can get that to you.

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Isn't July 16th the same weekend as Champoeg??

Looks like it is. I actually picked that weekend so that I could also attend the NWTAMS Convention and Auction which is that same weekend in Portland (Figured I could go geocaching on Saturday and hit the convention on Sunday.)


If enough people would like to go, but don't want to go on Champoeg weekend then I'd be open to making the trip another day. I plan on being in PDX the 16th anyway... I can always find other geocaches to do, but I'd rather not change plans unless there is some serious interest.

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I gotta say that upper cache looks mighty interesting! It'll test my comfort levels big time though...cliffs adn Poison Oak. But man it's tempting. Might just have to go for that baby. To be frank, it makes my Dream Cache look like a simple hike! It is tough, but no Poison oak to deal with and no cliffs if you pick your route correctly.

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Kahonee Falls is a nice adventure, but if you really want to earn your kahonees, then a journey into the valley that only a few have ventured is the ticket. Plus you get this great geo-button if you make it there and back alive.

I have no doubt that Wahe is the real adventure. We'd need someone with a rope and some climbing experience to go before we'd attempt it... and what exactly is this "cliffs of doom" section like... I've got this thing about heights (I don't like them)

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evergreenhiker!: Wahe Ka-Ho-Nee is only 3/4 of a mile from an interstate highway! How tough can it be? :unsure: Of course, to properly taunt you, I would have to do your cache. :) Maybe someday.


blazerfan (still?): There have been many pictures taken in the valley of the Ka-Ho-Nee, but on the "Cliffs of Doom" there seem to be few photos taken, and they do not do it justice. People seem to want to grip the poison oak, rather than a camera. :D


I am more than willing to give advice on doing this cache. Just drop me a note.

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