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California Geocoins

The Dillon Gang

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News to those who are in on the first order of the New Ca Geocoin....


KV coins says that they will be sending them to me on July 1. Hope to get them packaged and sent out by the following weekend.


If you are on the wait list...please do not send money!!! it will just be refunded to you. I have ordered a few extras and will start at the top of the wait list and notify you by email...

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Spent some time on saturday with Devhead and Family, Fishin Jack, and the whole Dillon Gang stuffing envelopes. Added some geocoin info cards and envelopes into the mix.


Spent an hour today getting to know the US Postal Service employees here in San Diego. They said any longer and I'd have to don a blue shirt and work the counter with them. Check out the following link to see whose coins are on the way. Watch a mailbox near you for the coins.


Geocoin Mailed List

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Mine came today! WooHoo!


To paraphrase Winthrop Paroo:


Thithter Thithter! Ithn't thith the motht thecrumpthyuth tholid thilver thing you ever thaw. I never thought I'd ever thee anything tho thcrumpthuth ath thith thcrumpthyuth tholid thilver thing!


Oh, and, "Thanks!"

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I got my coins a while back, but I thought I would add this note.


For the 2004 and the 2005 editions I managed to get #1100. They were totally shipped at random to me. I have an inventory I keep on the computer of the coins I'm keeping in my collection. I usually try to keep the lowest number, but if a interesting number comes, I'll keep it too. When I was the 2005 number of CA51100, I realized that the 5 was for the year. So next year... if I don't get 1100, I may have to see about trading someone for it. Here in AZ, we have a local cacher, Team 360, that likes the number 360 on the coins he collects. While I don't think I'll go that far, for any upcoming mintings, I may have to make a small request or trade.

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glad you all liked the coins. honored as many requests as possible. 2006? hmmmmm!


if you are interested in more 2005 coins....send an email to




ask to be put on the wait list. there will be one more order of 755 coins only (ends the run at 2005 just like we ended 2004 at 2004)


the coins will cost a little bit more because of the low number being ordered. cost should hopefully be no more that $4.50 (hopefully less).

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