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Hi just got into this fun past time and love going out and finding things with kids it is a great family oriented thing. Interested in how others in ACT are going.

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Found this site very lacking especially caches. 1 for ACT. will stay with the .com and keep checking the com.au for now.

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Maybe your not looking at the right page, every cache on geo.com is there + more, which means it actually has more caches than here !


Plus your gonna get very lonely over here, less than 1 % of the aussies use this board due to the stick in bum tactics of the moderators.


Heres the ACT latest from .AU site.


Good luck.


Your better off using geo.com for the caches and the .AU forums to chat.


Latest caches


Sat 28 Rubber Duffy Weston Creek leja1965

Sun 22 Hint Taken Belconnen The Hill 4

Sun 1 Murrumbidgee Meander III Weston Creek ThomasS


Sat 30 6 Star - A walk in the Park Colinton Panic!

Sun 3 Poppet Peak Burbong ThomasS


Mon 21 View from a Hill Gungahlin ADAcache

Tue 15 Northbourne Nano Lyneham ADAcache


Sun 27 The Annual Canberra Cache Awards - 2004 Kingston The S's

Sat 26 The Tale of Sir Lancelot Gungahlin ADAcache

Wed 23 Mirror Image Kingston bubble & squeak

Mon 21 Penninsula Puzzle Kingston The S's

Sat 19 Cardinal Cache Hall bubble & squeak

Sat 19 Wild Wild West Brindabella countach

Sun 13 Melrose Monks Tuggeranong ThomasS

Fri 11 Antarctic Exploration Red Hill alpha993

Thu 10 Pins & Needles Duntroon ADAcache

Wed 9 Southern Gates Williamsdale alpha993


Mon 31 Golden Hills Belconnen 2 Leg Drive

Mon 31 Tuggeranong Tours Tuggeranong ThomasS

Sun 30 Triangle's Apex Kingston bubble & squeak

Sat 29 Keyring Circus Kingston ADAcache

Tue 25 Campbell Caper Duntroon ADAcache

Mon 24 Lost French Tourist Kingston mtbikeroz

Tue 18 The Tale of Sir Galahad Gungahlin ADAcache

Fri 7 Angle Parking Williamsdale Panic!

Fri 7 Stone Soup Cache Williamsdale Panic!

Mon 3 All Measured Up Gungahlin The S's


Sun 19 Pioneering Spirit Colinton Panic!

Sun 12 Farrer Fringe Woden ThomasS

Wed 1 Hut Hunt Canberra Panic!


Fri 26 Circle's Centre Kingston bubble & squeak

Sun 14 Urban Camouflage @ Glebe Lyneham 2 Leg Drive

Sat 13 An Anagram of CORK Gungahlin bubble & squeak

Tue 9 76 Trombones Duntroon Kiwijam


Sun 31 Canberra's Horizon Pierces Creek Spindoc Bob

Sun 17 Lanyon Loop Tharwa ThomasS

Sun 10 Sparkie Lyneham bubble & squeak

Mon 4 Molonglo Views Weston Team Toogood

Sun 3 One Shrub Hill Belconnen Captain Peachfuzz

Sun 3 Extreme Challenge - Tunnel of Terror Tuggeranong Panic!

Sun 3 Extreme Challenge - Secret Subway Tuggeranong Panic!


Sun 26 The Valley 2 Canberra Panic!

Sat 25 Canberra's Smallest Belconnen The S's

Sat 18 Remembrance Park Duntroon Skippy&Lambchops

Tue 14 Memorial Queanbeyan AussieEnigma


Fri 27 Canberra Cache-opoly Lyneham Spindoc Bob

Sat 21 The Far East Bungendore countach

Mon 16 Northern Exposure Hall countach

Sun 15 Checkmate Rosedale mtbikeroz

Sun 8 Southern Outpost Bredbo countach

Sun 1 Eastern Edge Bungendore ThomasS


Sun 25 All Quiet On The Southern Front Tuggeranong bayleyteam

Fri 16 Weston Oak Weston Creek Team Toogood

Sun 4 Treasure Trove Tuggeranong The Hill 4


Sun 27 Down the Mine Pierces Creek The S's

Sat 19 An anagram of ROCK Black Mountain 2 Leg Drive


Mon 31 Smokin' Canberra mtbikeroz

Sun 30 Murrumbidgee Mouth Belconnen ThomasS

Fri 14 Glebe Gates Lyneham ThomasS

Mon 3 The Dark Side Tharwa mtbikeroz

Sat 1 Things That go Bump in the Night Red Hill The S's


Mon 26 Putting all my clothes on Black Mountain 2 Leg Drive

Mon 26 Northern sentinel: Mulligan's bunker Gungahlin Spindoc Bob

Mon 26 Cunning Capital Capers Lyneham Spindoc Bob

Mon 26 Kid's cache Belconnen The Hill 4

Sun 4 Commonwealth Creek Kingston ThomasS

Fri 2 Itchy & Scratchy Kingston The S's


Tue 30 Red It Is Weston Creek Diadem

Sun 28 Lego Land Canberra ThomasS

Sat 6 In Plane View Harman The S's

Sat 6 Long distance call Canberra Spindoc Bob


Thu 19 Thinking Day Tuggeranong Cygnets

Tue 17 A-Z Canberra Tours Gungahlin mtbikeroz

Sun 15 Red's Rear Red Hill ThomasS

Fri 6 Forgotten heroes Duntroon Spindoc Bob

Thu 5 Down on the border Belconnen Spindoc Bob

Sun 1 Going Commando Weston MatthewSheppard


Thu 29 Earthcache II - the geology of WoolShed Creek, ACT Duntroon geoaware

Mon 26 Cotter Comeback Pierces Creek ThomasS

Sun 18 Bug off Black Mountain 2 Leg Drive

Mon 5 Pirates Plunder Belconnen The Hill 4

Thu 1 Diadematis unum Belconnen Diadem


Sat 27 Corin's Core Canberra ThomasS

Sun 7 Lonely Cache Uriarra phantoms

Sat 6 Vertigo Brindabella The Hill 4


Sun 30 Hut Hunt Tuggeranong ThomasS

Sun 30 Cujo's cache Belconnen The Hill 4

Sat 29 First Canberra Event Cache. Black Mountain Panic!

Tue 25 International $ Exchange Tuggeranong geoaware

Wed 12 Way out East Burbong Panic!

Sun 9 Billy Goats Gruff Red Hill The Hill 4

Sat 8 Pinnacle of Canberra Black Mountain Spindoc Bob


Sun 26 Valley Views Hall Panic!

Sat 25 Tram Stop 57 Lyneham Panic!

Sat 25 Temple of Doom / El Giganto Draino Tuggeranong Panic!

Sat 25 Sick Puppy's Tuggeranong Panic!

Fri 24 Tharwa'nd Away Tharwa Panic!

Fri 24 Surprise Fyshwick Panic!

Fri 24 Striptease Woden Panic!

Fri 24 The Pines 3 Williamsdale Panic!

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Maybe your not looking at the right page, every cache on geo.com is there + more, which means it actually has more caches than here !



I think the OP is a touch confused. They ask about how others where going in the ACT and I pointed them to the FORUMS. There response seem to be off-tangent given their initial posting. Maybe they are confused about the forums and the main site's different objectives.




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