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Avroair Hits 900 While "walking The Line"

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Congrats Mark! ... I think.

I have been fortunate to hunt caches with you, even when you push me in front of a big black dragon. Let's see, and you made Dave go down into Moria, and took credit for my flashlight. :D

Normally, I'd be honored to join you as you seek #1000, but I'm ascared to see what you'd make me do. :D

Thanks for putting so much back into the game! :P:D:D

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I have still never met a geocacher I didn't like


What about the time you told me "I hate your stinking guts, you smug, pretentious, disgusting, little twit"?

a) I am not responsible for what I say at a meet and greet after a couple of people have logged my geocoin B)

B) I was talking about your pet hermit crab :)

c) I my comments were not pertaining to geocaching, but you in general :)

d) I am prone to using choice words about any cacher when I can't find a cache of theirs. :lol:

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