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My TB (well in fact my daughter's) was taken at an event in January by some German cachers. Although they had been caching a number of times since, it never got placed. I e-mailed them a few times and they said they were planning to visit a cache closer to Italy, which is the TB's goal.


Well 4 months went by. So I e-mailed them and today it has been placed in the cache. I had given up hope, but it's back on the road again.


So don't give up hope if yours is 'delayed' somewhere.

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Glad it resurfaced. Annoying when a tb takes an unwanted stop isn't it

Yes, I've still got one of yours ;) . All my local unfounds are micro's or too new to be trusted not to be muggled.


I'm back on geocaching duties next weekend. SO either I'll find a suitable cache, or do a maintenance visit on my own caches and drop it in there.

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No dig intended at you ;)





No, but a strange coincidence, so I thought I would go public and admit that I have had 2 TBs for a month now. In fact that means I haven't found a real cache for a month. Only a virtual while in London.


I really must get out more.

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Pleased yours is back on the move - I had my Mini Mermaid TB picked up in December and despite e-mailing the cachers that have possession and they have done a little caching since then, I have had no replies and Mini Mermaid has not been put in a cache.


I know they are around as they have visited the Geocaching.com website in the last 10 days!


I know it can be hard to find a cache that maybe big enough or we get busy at times and hold on to them for a few weeks but please - 5 months is excessive.


Laughalot [:laughing:]

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