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What swag do kids like?

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Putting out a couple urban caches that I think I want to be kid oriented. Something to help get Mom or Dad out to do something with the kids and not have to go too far or be too hard physically. I think making it kid oriented will help parents get the kids out and get them excited, maybe even go beyond the stroll in the park and get into the woods.


So here's my question: what do kids like?


Diecast cars, stickers, anything with a cartoon character is what I'm thinking, but there's got to be more than that.







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Little Leprechaun's List was written by my 8-year old daughter. I'm a little embarrassed that Happy Meal Toys made her list. And also... scratch the soap bubble solution if you live where the caches freeze up in winter.


There are some other good suggestions in that thread about items for girls. Thanks for thinking about the kids when planning these caches. They are the ones who seem to like trading items the most, after all.



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We recently put together a family cache of our own. "SpongeRob's Family Cache!"


I find that the stuff my kids like the best is things they can put together. My daughters have used "bead Kits" and the like. They also like toys that make noise whistles, etc. (as if this is a surprise to any parent). I let the kids pick what they want in the cache and then we go purchase it.


On another note I also find that kids are also excellent judges of birthday gifts to other kids. One year I allowed my daughter to get a birthday gift for her friend of which I thought was crazy. It was her friends favorite gift.


Ask your kids, don't underestimate them. icon_biggrin.gif








Cache'n Retrievers


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