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Update On 2005 South African Tb Rce To Cape Town


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TB's are moving again! TUFULA visited two caches recently and are currently in Gauteng. This move did not change the rankings, but I changed my prediction for the favourite bug to ein to TUFULA again.


Currently all the competitors are asking "Where are the Capetonians?".

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TB TUFULA is ravaging the caches in Gauteng, getting his Race Number down...I'll soon have to make extra space just to accomodate his travels in my record book!


The rankings have not changed (still), but we are all anticipating Paper Kings to move on soon!


Dan Dolphin was finally rescued from Table Top Trove cache by DiscomBob, but not before his name appeared in the stats for the longest stay over so far...all participants are eagerly watching his next move...will he finish?

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Go Dan Go!


TUFULA has a made a a visit to two caches assisted by the same cacher. For this violation of of The Race Rules(Rule 14). For this TUFULA will be penalised with the distance travelled to the last cache and one cache. The cacher will unfortunately not be crdited with this move.


This penalty did not influnce the rankings or TB TUFULA's performance significantly.

Edited by Africard
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TB Voice of africa will unfortunately not be crossing the province border just yet, he will be placed soon in a nice cozy (actually cold JHB cache). Hopefully this will allow him to complete a little bit more milage. (this should add a few km to his total)

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TB Dan Dolphin finished The Race in style on the 5th of June, 2005 after only 132 days travelling (he was a late entry). He visited 6 caches on his way to Cape Town and will hold poll position until a TB with Race number lower than 263.6 finishes (if any) The Race.


Dan moved from last to first in 1.4km, and every other TB moved one position down on the rankings. The two favourite TB's are the only other TB's making a move, with TUFULA still ravaging the Gauteng caches one after another.


A couple of TB's are stranded halfway between JHB and CPT, let's hope some cacher gives them a ride!

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Again a very quiet two weeks with only two TB's inching along - TB TUFULA and Voice of Africa (still in transit)...Again these moves did not change the rankings following TB Dan Dolphin's final dash to the final cache!


TB Dan Dolphin has since returned to KZN to eat his heart out in the sardine run currently causing much excitement in KZN.


A couple of TB has been stuck in the Bloemfontein and PE areas - if anyone can help them along it will be greatly appreciated by the owners (myself included).


Currently competing TB's has travelled 6939.2km (average 867.4km per TB), visited 64 caches, 39 of them unique (only one TB visiting), carried by 25 cachers. Whostops (owner of TB TUFULA) has provided 8 trips for competing TB's. The longest distance a cacher carried a TB was Globalrat who carried TB Dan Dolphin 1254.8km.


The most frequently visited caches are: Hilldrop View and The KZN TB Hotel, both owned by Africard, with 4 visiting TB's each.


The maximum days spent in a cache is 61 days - TB Star Light in Womens Monument, TB The Globe Trotter in MADIBA TRAIL Bloemfontein and Earth Watcher in N1 Sandrivier - GMC001Z. The maximum days spent travelling is 54 - TB Paper Kings in the hands of Culling Song.


The average TB stays 14.8 days in a cache, and takes 5.69 days to the next cache.


167 Days have passed since the start of The Race. 1 TB - TB Dan Dolphin finished the race in style on the 5th June '05 after 132 days travelling.


TB most likely to win is TB TUFULA, who visited 17 caches already and travelled 1342.8km (Race number 79.0).


TB most likely to complete The Race next is TB Stealth Racer, who only have 627.2km to go.


Remember: The Race is not over yet, and any TB still stands a chance to win!

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I know I promised to collect TBs in Bloem, but could not travel there yet.


I have now definately booked a date to travel to Bloem (weekend of 8 July) to visit the caches and collect the TBs. I will also pick up the other to TBs on route (Sand rivier and Rocky Outcrop) if they have not moved yet.

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Paper Kings finally landed in Stainbank cache in DBN. This move changed the rankings (finally):


1st: Dan Dolphin

2nd: Voice of Africa



Warthog committed himself to rescue the TB's stuck in the "Great Plains".


I've added another column on the Ranking page to indicate the distance required from the last known cache a competitor is / was visiting to the final cache...some TB's still have a looooong way to go...

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Starlight has now visited two more caches. How about an update on the rankings?


and maybe now the GP cachers will move Starlight around in lots of the caches in Gauteng, before he departs to WC, so that we get his rankings up a bit.


Maybe we can try and beat the KZN and WC team in this sport, as it doesn't seem if we are any good at beating them in that "other sport" :-)

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The web page has been updated! TB TUFULA moved to 2nd position again, following TB Voice Of Africa's (3rd position) move to KZN.


Have a look at the stats - really interesting to see the total distance covered so far!


Really a pity Star Light only visited Cape Town and did not log a cache....could this be a fatal move? Only time will tell.


205 racing days past since the start of The Race - TB's should be making the move to Cape Town - remember that only TB's that made it to the Final Cache before 31st December 2005 will be considered for prizes!


TB Dan Dolphin is still the only TB that made it to the Final Cache. TB Stealth

Racer has only 18km to go!

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:( TB Voice Of Africa has been penalised with 3644.5mi (5865.3km) on the total distance and distance travelled between "Aviary" and "Collaboration I - KZN" caches (Admin penalty due to discrepancies between distance showed and actual distance between these two caches) :(


F :( ortunately (or not for the other competitors :( ) this penalty did not influence the current rankings or the possible outcome of The Race.

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