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Ontario Hits 3000 Caches!!!

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I just noticed that Ontario now has 3000 active caches as of today. Congratulations Ontario! I had originally predicted that we would hit 3000 caches back on Feb. 22, 2005, so I am a few months off.


We were at 1500 caches back on Feb. 22, 2004, so we doubled that in just under 15 months...wow! That's just over 100 new caches every month in Ontario. And probably a few hundred others that have been archived over that same period of time.


Lets see, what should I predict next...ok instead of doubling in a year, I'll say that we will be at 5000 active caches by May 18, 2006. Sound reasonable?


And on another note I would like to congratulate Nozzletime for now being the top international (non-american) cacher in the world! Not sure when he reached this accomplishment, but it's quite the accomplishment and should be recognized.

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I think we have a new thing here....


Res's Law.


Similar to Moore's Law for computer processor speeds, in that they double every eighteen months (it's closer to 12 months now)


Res's Law of Cache Placements - "The number of active caches in Ontario doubles every fifteen months"


I'm hoping to do my part.



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