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I called the USGS today to see if they had more information on an old line of vertical stations of theirs that are in the NGS database (the 10 least recently recovered in NM, courtesy holograph's site).


I spoke with a gentleman named John Sellars, who had a little info for me. He also gave me his email address, jrsellars@usgs.gov, and said that I and the folks in this forum could email him with recovery reports of any and all USGS marks, which he would greatly appreciate. This includes all of the magic "X marks the spot" benchmarks on the USGS 7.5' topo quads.


He's been hit by clever hackers before, and so wants the title of the email to be something like "Benchmark Recovery Report". Othwerwise, he'll delete your email. He would like the usual sort of information, date of recovery, new "To Reach" description, and hand-held coordinates.


They have no current plans to develop a submission website, but perhaps if we send them enough business they might at least get an online submission page. Who knows.

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We didn't have that conversation. I guess that it would be a long and involved process, similar to what the NGS had to do. It would be very good, but long and involved.

Yah, it's hard to report on what you don't know is there. Other than the Xs on the topo maps, and what's already in the NGS database.

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