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New Type Of Cached "trash" Cache

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I would like to propose a new kind of cache. We have "virtual" Caches,

"hide & seek" caches, "micro" caches. How about a "Trash" Cache; defined

as any spot that a Geocacher marks specifically to pick up trash in that

area. It could be near park, in parks, or areas in the community that have

been disgraced with litter. It could be an all year round cache versus

just doing it in April. I know that I would be willing and a few

Geocachers that I have talked to about this would go out a few times a

year to pick up or mark areas that need to be cleaned up a little. Let me

know your thoughts...I think it would be a nice compliment to the

Geocaching and trashing that you already do.

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Hi avoncacheheads and welcome to the forums.


For a long time now, the following note has been at the bottom of the "search" pages at geocaching.com:

Practice "Cache In Trash Out"

While out geocaching, bring a bag with you to pick up trash along the way. Visit the Cache In Trash Out page to learn more about CITO.

We also strongly encourage people to mention the CITO opportunity on all the various types of cache pages.cito_bag_75.gif

In other words, what you want is pretty much already here: any cache can be used to provide a CITO nudge for all of those who play the game!



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Many parks,trails, roads etc, have a program called "Adopt a ......." You contact the agency in charge and ask to adopt a section to take care of. Usually there is a sign that states this section has been adopted by.....

This also would be great pr for geocaching! I know Illinois has that program and I am sure many other states as well.

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I try to CITO everywhere I go, even if I’m not caching, but avoncacheheads has a point. As much as people decry the fact that for many ‘cachers it is “all about the numbers” and chasing stats, for many people it is true. If there were a cache type for CITO that added another icon type on a cachers stats page, I think it would generate a lot of traffic to littered areas. I think to get credit for the find you provide proof (picture?) that you carried out a bag of trash. Just a thought.

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Neat idea here! If I understand this right, a pesron could place an ammo can filled with trash bags at the coords (with log book), then the CITO part would be to fill up a trash bag, and claim it as a CITO cache. This would be like a long term CITO event.

This idea gets better the more we talk about it. There are number of places (like city parks and such) that have restricted caching. This could be an excellent selling point to convince land managers to allow some form of geocaching on the lands they manage.

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Neat idea here! If I understand this right, a pesron could place an ammo can filled with trash bags at the coords (with log book), then the CITO part would be to fill up a trash bag, and claim it as a CITO cache. This would be like a long term CITO event.

I really like this idea of a box with trash bags. Let me know what we have to do to become part of it.

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Yes, it's always a great idea to trash out, and if you're looking for a CITO icon, we already have that. It's called a CITO event and that is absolutely the best way to clean up a neglected park. Get cachers together all at once, and do it in a day. The effort will be much more noticable than one bag at a time, and the icon will mean so much more. A lot of people have been filling film cannisters with plastic shopping bags, putting CITO labels on them, and leaving them in caches. that's great! But do we really need another another icon? Do we need an icon for every move we make, or for performing a good deed? Is the icon really the motivation for keeping our earth clean? Continue to make trashing out a habit but for an icon it should be more than picking up a few things along a trail, we should do that anyway. Events really make a huge noticeable difference, check out some of the photos in the CITO photo thread.


Many thanks to those who do CITO whenever possible.

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I just submitted my 1st hide for review yesterday.


I put in my description, atleast 2 times, that the area being cached was in definite need of some CITO cachers, but was otherwise a very nice place to go.


My question is: This being my first hide, can someone either explain to me or direct me to the correct place on how I get a CITO or other icons of interest on my page? Thanks for any help!


P.S. When our family goes out caching, we always CITO. It sure would be great if all of us contributed a little!


P.S.S. Also, at Walmart and probably other similar stores, they sell these little pocket/purse size trash bag thingies. About the size of a purse size package of tissues. I am not sure how many bags come in a package, but the bags are a tad bit smaller than grocery bag size, like those you might have in your car. I carry these in my glove box of my car. I'm not sure what the name brand is on this product, but I can easily go look if anyone is interested or if the CITO site is interested in putting something like this for sale on their site.

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