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What Are Your 5 Favorite Caches That You Found?


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We all have our favourite and memorable caches that have stuck in our minds. Here is your chance to let everyone know what your top 5 favourite caches are that you have found in Canada and why.


There are lots of memorable caches for me, but here are the ones that have exceeded all others and which I highly recommend:


1) The Falls Tour : 2004 Final by Bent & Twisted

-Never knew we had so many neat waterfalls in Ontario...they are awesome!


2) 2nd Annual Great Potato Head Multi-Cache Hunt by Spud_Potato_Head

-Quite the challenge doing 25 stages in minus 20 to 30 degree temperatures.


3) That side of the bridge (Part 1) by Nozzletime

-Lots of fun doing this one during a hurricane.


4) After the Gold Rush by Couparangus & Squeakieboots

-See the pic of the snowman Tylor and I built. It was nice and challenging during bad weather and snow.


5) Chedoke Trail Treasure by Jordy & Colin

-Took our time and enjoyed the area. Saw some neat waterfalls and first time we ever saw deer while caching.


6) RACK'EM UP by debi13

-Have to add this one too. Loved the way it was set up and the unexpected ending.

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Top 5 Eh? I haven't had too many overall, but I can certainly quote at least 5!


Number 1:

Root Canal

Close to a 10KM hike round trip. In Banff, in the Rocky Mountains. Sundance Canyon is one of the most gorgeous places I have EVER visted in my life. Visiting on my Honeymoon may have helped too!


Number 2:

Sulphur Mountain

Another Breathtaking view from atop Sulphur Mountain in Banff. Words don't do the experience justice.


Number 3:

Victoria Bridge

Nothing like 4x4ing into the middle of nowhere... This cache is Muskoka at its best. peace, quiet and serenity combined with a little mud and dirt!


Number 4:

Mono-Cliffhanger, REV-B

Excellent hike, beautiful views and a lot of up and down! one of my first real "Toughies"


Number 5:

Midnight Hat-Trick Multicache

Nothing like taking your nighttime-afraid-of-the-dark wife on an hour long journey in the woods! The perfect night combined with a great cache helped this one make the list.


Honorable Mention:

Lookout Valley

Located in one of those perfect "Out-Of-The-Way" spots. Another fantastic view (I seem to have a thing for views!)

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Again, I've got a relatively small list of caches I've done when compared to some others in Canada, but I do have my share of memories already. Here's my Top 5+1:


The Americans are Coming


This was a very early cache for me and my wife. Thank GOD for the PDA as the math was a killer on this one. Lovely walk around Kingston. This one had us walka few kilometers but we were having so much fun that it didn't feel like it.


Mr. Whiteface


So far the farthest and highest geocache I've done. We went up to this cache, located at 3900' in the Adirondacks during fall colours. WOW the scenery. Also, this was the boldest cache I've ever done, and it was in our first ten that we'd ever done.

We were able to 'cheat' and take a road up the mountain, but we still had to hike 3 k from the car and down about 300M. Kitten on the Hunt was convinced we'd get eaten by a bear the whole time.



This one was a bloody nemesis for me. Lovely caches all over the horseshoe, some of them could drive you to near madness -- especially since I did this series over the winter. Well worth the journey - but do the final when things have thawed.


Cedarvale Park: The Georgetown Boys

Not the most remote or exotic location, but by far the cleverest hides that we've seen for the micro stages.


Micro Mania


I'm not done this cache yet, but it's certainly keeping my mind busy when searching for the stages... and like GHMCMC it just keeps going and going and.... I'm half expecting to find a pink rabbit with a drum at the final.


Honorable Mention:


A very rewarding cache -- even for us 'non-poker' types. Didn't make the 'favorite' list but it was real close so I'm breaking the topic rule and mentioning it too. :)

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My first ever forum post!

It was tough to come up with my top 5 favourite caches, even though I have not done that many.

In random order:

Two Bridges and a Tree (GCK5M2)

-Found on my first geocaching outing and I figured out the code

Unionville Factfinder (GCKMWZ)

-pretty little town

Starry, Starry Night (GC68FE)

-couch potato cache but a challenge

Dex's Get a clue cache (GCJ8ZT)

-I like this area and I used to play Clue quite often, only I had a friend who would guess the answer in her first try and that would be it

Geocaring race/Meet & Greet (GCMQ37)

-enjoyed this event for the different tasks


My goal is to finish After the Gold Rush as I only completed the first 3 stages.

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Well, I thought I'd give this a go... I can't believe more peeps haven't responded by now:


After The Gold Rush

I had the luxury of doing this with the FTF guy. Can't imagine how he did this on his own last fall! I had no GPS readings for most the way..... :laughing:


Multicache and a Coffee

Tried for FTF on this one and met up with Ted and Laurie, thankfully, who were a fantastic help.. Always, always seek the help of a professional. Evil, nasty cache for sure, but one of my absolute faves. Steve, you are a bad, bad man. :o


Micro Mania

What can you say about this 25-part, soak your feet, freeze your fingers, go-back-'cause-you-forgot-something multi, with the bizzare puzzle at the end? Oh so clever this one was....


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

One of my very first caches, on a hot hot day near Kelowna, BC. Way up above Lake Okanagan, you could see for miles and miles.


The Devil Made Me Do It

What can one say on this cache? Closest I've ever been to a bat for sure. :o

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With only 50 or so finds I have to admit that I have not come across a truely memorable caches. There is one I want to forget though. :o


So far the joy has been caching with my daughter and having fun with her in the outdoors.


I am still looking forward to the first cache that makes me go... "WOW!"


Right now most are "Ah cool, I did not know this place was here."





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I am still looking forward to the first cache that makes me go... "WOW!"


Right now most are "Ah cool, I did not know this place was here."


It didn't use to be that way. Early caching took you to a "WAY CQQL!!" place pretty much every time. Now there are so many caches and a lot of them are crap. Caching for me is an outdoor experience and finding the cache should be secondary to the adventure of getting there. Walking through a city park and trying to retrieve a container while not beeing seen does not qualify as adventure. I'd like to see the cache rating system expanded to better capture the spirit of the cache.




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I am still looking forward to the first cache that makes me go... "WOW!"


Right now most are "Ah cool, I did not know this place was here."


It didn't use to be that way. Early caching took you to a "WAY CQQL!!" place pretty much every time. Now there are so many caches and a lot of them are crap. Caching for me is an outdoor experience and finding the cache should be secondary to the adventure of getting there. Walking through a city park and trying to retrieve a container while not beeing seen does not qualify as adventure. I'd like to see the cache rating system expanded to better capture the spirit of the cache.




I agree completely. I've only been caching since last July, and there is way too much plastic hidden in tree trunks out there. This is why I really enjoy caches where the owner has put some effort into the hide, either as an adventure, or the physical cache itself.

Still, I never tire of going out and poking around B)


Where are evryone else's fave fives?????

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I have had my breath taken away many times while caching...whether because of the view or the terrain. Some of you have to remember that this is not an iron man competition and that the sport has been designed for everyone. That is why there are ratings on the caches. Then families with little ones can still go on a little adventure and find the plastic in the trees.....or grandparents, or people with canes, or those of more delicate health.....A little exercise, a little outdoors and some family time go a long way to making this an activity that is truly for everyone. I think it's great that this is a sport where success is measured in the satisfaction of finding what you set out to look for, and everything else you get along the way is a bargain. My son's friend sometimes comes with us, and at just about every cache, he says, "This one is my favourite."


That being said, here are a few of my favourites.


Daniel Boone's Car Lot


This is not especially challenging in terms of terrain, but it was the first one that I did that was tricky. The container was unique.


Family Picnic


We did this in late winter. The sun was shining, the river was flowing, and we just enjoyed the spot so much. We spent a lot of time looking in a hollow tree because there was something in it, but it turned out to be a birdhouse and not the cache. The kids had a great time floating sticks down the river. It was a peaceful spot.


The Labyrinth


This is a pretty neat area. I enjoyed crawling through the labyrinth. I especially enjoyed finding the cache, since I was told it couldn't possibly be where I was directing my fellow cachers to look. It helps if you have a tall agile person with you to retrieve this one.


A Literal Cache


..and all the others down in the gorge. Getting down was easy, but going up....well....it was a bit of a challenge to my asthma. It is breathtaking here along the river and in the rocks.<p>


The Battle of Queenston Heights


Okay, so I'm a history major. I enjoyed reading all the information and imagining what it must have been like. I didn't enjoy ripping my pants while searching for one of the stages though.


I've also enjoyed every puzzle cache. There is a real sense of satisfaction in solving the puzzle. However, I have solved a whole lot more than I've gone to get!

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Ok, the problem I have with this is narrowing it down to only five caches. There are so many good caches out there. In no particular order, here are some of the caches I've had the most fun with:


Virtual Geopoker A great set of caches. I had lots of fun tramping through the woods in the winter.


Parking on the Credit A wonderful series exploring many of the parks along the Credit River.


Parking on the Credit: The Mini-Series A perfect way to spend the day, bicycling along the Credit River within the city of Mississauga.


Finding Nemo Those of you who drive from cache to cache will miss all the fun I had on a bicycle tour of the little known conservation areas south of Newmarket.


GHMCMC What can I say. 14 great caches scattered all over the place and a 15th cache hidden in there somewhere. I haven't finished the series yet, but I'm working on it. I've done 10 of the first 14. The last few are gonna take some really memorable bicycle trips!


OK, so I cheated a bit. To get the list down to only five caches You'll have to find a lot more than 5 caches in completing this list, but then that's the fun part, isn't it.

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Five is tough, but here they are, in order by distance from my home:


Lookout Valley

This one is great for the scenery alone, but I like it for another reason. While searching it out, we had a bit of trouble with the GPSr signals, so we resorted to the clue. However, using the clue from the wrong starting spot lead us down into a deep crevasse. Yes, I really thought the cache was going to be down there!


Surviving Cinder Lake

We made a 3-day/2-night canoe trip out of this one! Beautiful spot that is truly wilderness.


1812 on the Niagara Parkway Tour Part 1

My wife and I were staying at the Old Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake -- the oldest operating inn in Canada that was burned down in the War of 1812 and rebuilt in 1814. Headed out for this cache on our bicycles without even realizing it was a multi. Made it all the way to the falls, but had to return the next day in the car to finish it. This is what geocaching is all about! The cache took us into the ravine trail system, which I never knew existed before! (And we found two other caches while we were down there.)


Algonquin South Lookout Trail

Another "never would have known it was there if not for a cache" geocache. Wonderful trail.


The Old Boneyard

This was a part of a father/son international geocaching weekend, in which we took the fast ferry from Toronto to Rochester. This cache was clearly in a cemetary, but then we found the old trail through the dense forest, then through a spooky tunnel, to find the old 19th century cemetary secluded in the woods. Fun stuff.


Ragged Falls

Is that more than 5? Oops.


Gotta check this one out, though... it qualifies as my favourite pictures on the way to a cache:

We All Fall Down

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Wow, it is hard to narrow it down to 5, but here are some of my favourites:

Nuttby is at the highest point in mainland Nova Scotia. On a clear day you can see 4 or 5 counties and PEI.. When we found it the blueberries were ripe and we spent as much time eating blueberries as looking for the cache.

Blomidon is another fantastic Nova Scotia viewpoint. This would be the perfect time of year to go and find it because the view would contain all of the apple orchards in blossom.

Hole in the Wall is another favourite because it was always one of those places that I had wanted to explore but never did until there was a geocache there. Also I had heard that a great-great grandfather (I think) had helped dig the hole.

Spelunker Lookout was a great hike on a beautiful winter's day. We took some great pictures on this one.

Where's Tripper (3) is one of our more recent finds. Tripper's caches never fail to be an adventure - good or bad! :blink:


There are quite a few more of my favourites, some are archived now, but this is what I've whittled the list down to.


- Donna G

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:blink: my 5 are..


1. Baking Bread This was a real tough one in Ottawa. Hats off to the Two Navigators on this one


2. Joe's Place the best .. and longest Multi I ever did!


3. Baffle 1 by Dr Webe was very cool.. simple but not easy to see what is right in front of you.


4. International Space Station Got up at 4 am at -40 cel to go out for this one.. the best virtual..outa-this-world!


5. Death by Traffic An interesting spot.



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Okay I've given this some thought.


I'll try to do that HTML thingy for ease of viewing.


1... 1812 on the Niagara Parkway: Part 1

The best historical cache that leads to a beautiful location of majesty. If you are in Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-lake, this is a MUST do cache.


2... Whitewater Wonder

Located South-East of Algonquin Provincial Park, this cache has a great location and you can really soak in the atmosphere.


3... Bruce Almighty - Bonus

This should be the whole series, but if you find this one, then your did them all. Outstanding set of caches, and one I dream of emulating. Plan a whole day for this series, and start early.


4... The Dogwood Trail

The only Geocache I've ever seen that a blind person can successfully complete as easily as a sighted person. Great job to make caching available to everyone.


5.... Ohh, bedtime, will add it tomorrow.


:) The Blue Quasar


Edit: Oh crap, I forgot I was logged in as OGA - Admin, will move it tomorrow too

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In no particular order, cos... well, I'm too lazy to think of an order... (bear in mind, I've only done 42 caches all up to date...)


1) Top of the Hill Multi by Nozzletime

- and not just cos my partner in crime that day whacked himself in the nuts twice...


2) Down by the Bay by Purple Fever

- if only cos it was deviously annoying, considering it was my second ever cache hint...


3) Gnome's Cairn by Tick and Nammie

- this thing has to be seen to be believed...


4) Geeks Only by stone_soup and Roswell.fr

- it helped me really appreciate one of my brothers-in-law...


5) Stained Glass Cache by Buttons and Beaux

- neat puzzle, neat view, neat hide...

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These are my favourite five.


Stained Glass Cache (GCJZ7H), great puzzle, great hide


Blueberry Hill (GCJTV6) near Kingston, super views and hike


(In) The Tree (GC304E) near Kingston, just novel and nasty


The Final “Clue” Cache (GCJDGW), a great finish to a super series.


GeoCache (GCGK6Q), on the Millennium Trail in Goderich. A great trail, cedar-lined trails above the Maitland River.


If I get an honourable mention, it would be The Devil Made Me Do It (GCN9AD) in Cambridge.


Enjoyed reminiscing about these great caches. Thanks.

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I've given some thought to this question, and have come up with six - I just can't seem to pare it down to five.


In no particular order, and all for different reasons, my favourites are:


1) Better than Boredom, by Photo Guy (GC33E1)This is a privately-owned trail, and the beauty and serenity experienced in there is beyond words.

2) My Roots, by Coureurs de Bois (GCHBMK). A really awesome conservation area.

3) What Lies Beneath, by Bush Babies (GCG5FJ). In Nova Scotia, this is a real treasure of a cache!

4) Canada Island, by McKinley (GCG9CZ). It was my first cache-by-canoe, done during a lazy Canada Day morning. Great memories.

5) The Falls Tour: Inglis Falls, by Bent & Twisted (GCJJDW). The area is great, but the hide - well, the hide was awesome, and I found it!!! :)

6) A Garden of Wildflowers, by Jake39 (GCJHY4). I love the richness of wetlands, and this one was exceptional.


Death by Traffic, by Tiger Bleu, GCH6KC(mentioned before in this thread) was worth noting, as well. Very interesting spot. :o


- hamgran

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