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Not quite sure how this comes under the guise of UK Geocaching chat but.....


You should ditch the Skype Hype. The service is no better than may alternative services that offer more for free.


For example, www.1899.com offer completely free calls to UK landlines.


www.sipgate.co.uk offer completely free incoming geographical UK numbers.

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Skype is the dogs do-dahs. I can call most major counties for about 1p a minute, this means I can keep i contact with my family for next to nowt. I've invested in USB phones at both ends now, so we can talk for exactly nowt. Before I was looking at 40-70p/minutes mobile cost.

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I must say that I think Skype is great. I have called all over the world using it, and it is saving me a fortune. On a recent global trip, I was ringing our home number using it for just over 1P a minute. It was worth paying a bit extra in hotels to get broadband, as the saving on phone calls was enormous.

Highly recommended.


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Supporting Skype is supporting Credit card fraud!


Their payment system is constantly abused by credit card fraudsters as they have no way of tracing who actually made the payment, chances are if someone gets your credit card details over the internet they will run up a hundred pounds of skype charges before you even know your card is being subject to fraud!

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Kitty Hawk. I used Skype long before we had Broadband... and long before we started geocaching. Our son, who is a network professional, uses Skype all day long to communicate with colleagues around the world. All you and your NZ folks need are the Skype programme (which is free) and a microphone or headset to plug into your PCs. Most of our folks live in NZ, but they're still using clockwork Abacuses!


Skype provides free pc to pc communication between Skype users and the quality is fantastic. If you decide to pay then you can also make a call to just about any telephone. In this case the person you are calling does not need a PC. If you have WiFi access from a PDA you can talk to Skype users world-wide.


Sure, there are probably better programmes. Some cachers local to me use ICQ (I think that's it) but when I looked into it, it seemed to complicated that I gave up! For Skype you simply download the prog, instal it and then talk!

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