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Wristwatch With Gps

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...had a hard enough time convincing my girlfriend (now wife!) to let me get my Suunto Vector!! Don't think she'll let me upgrade for, oh another 20 years or so!!


I have however had a wee play with one of these, and can exclusively report that it is very very cool :huh:



I do not need one, I do not need one, I do not need one, I do not.....

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Little bit pricey at £500.


A decent watch with the same functions, witout gps, you can get for around £100.

Yellow etrek £100 approx.


Total £200. A massive saving of around £300. :D


I must say though, I do like gadgets and if I had the money spare I'd probably get one. Don't know how I'd explain it to the wife though. :huh:

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Etrex for £100? :huh: You have been turned over mate. £60 lots of places nowdays. (Ebay) :D

Just making a point. Gps can be picked up for next to nothing these days.


Saw an etrek sell for £45. I've got a gpsr so I couldn't justify spending MORE money on geocaching. My wife wouldn't let me.

And before you say anything, yes, I am under the thumb. :lol::huh::D

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1m resolution on the GPS? Ok, what does it know that the rest of the manufacturers don't..!


Oh, and the battery is internal, lasts 4-5 hours per recharge, and has a lifetime of 500 cycles.. and you can only have it changed by a Suunto dealer..



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