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Aprs Tracking Software

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I intend to build a TinyTrak3 and want to display tracks of my movements. I have the GPS & 2-meter HT and understand how positions are reported. But after a lot of Google searching and forum reading I'm still confused on the best way to retrieve and display reported positions on a PC with mapping software. I have MapSource and Street Atlas, and have read a little about UI-View and APRS+SA.


I'm looking for recommendations on the best/easiest way to retrieve reported positions and track them on a PC.


Thanks for you assistance;



Vernon, CT

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UIview is an excellent aprs tracking program and will work with SA 5 and earlier.but it has minimal support for SA. it will not work with sa 2004 or later. another good program is APRS+SA which works with sa5 But it costs 20 bucks You can also hook either program to the internet via an aprs server to familiarize yourself with them before you get your tracker buillt .DElorme changed thier interface with the 2000 series and will not let go of the code for programming interfaces.. Maybe some day some one will make an opensource mapping software program for us all.

BTW here is a neat little program for overlaying tracks onto an SA map it's free too' follow this link and download waypoint+


skillett :o

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