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Am I To Old For This Sport?

Dr Bombay and Lulu
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I think I'm to old for this GPS thing, I'll turn 60 in November.


I read about Geocaching in http://www.jimandchris.com/ blog and it sounded like something I might like to do sinse I'm retired, so I read lots of the posts on this forum and decided on buying a "Garmin Legend" the price was right and it looked like it would do most anything I needed for Geocaching.....


I got my Legend and read all of the instructions in the owner's manual and that's where the fun ended.


I can turn this thing on and change the pages and stuff like that but that's as far as it goes.


I need a better book to tell me how to make this thing work for me.

Like how to enter Way Points, and stuff.


Is there something you all can point me to so I can read it and figure out how to make this thing work??????? :P

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I would like to tell you geocaching is a young person's sport -- because that would make me feel ever so much better about myself -- but it ain't. You're plenty young enough. I'm sure someone will be along in a minute to offer links to some basic tutorials; there are some good ones out there.


Meanwhile, how comfy are you with the rest of the technology? I mean, your computer and downloading and stuff? It's easy to tell you how to set a waypoint manually, but it's not a good way to go in the long run. Far better to download waypoints, which your Legend comes equipped to do, but it takes a bit more explanation.


Not to worry...we'll get you going :P

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Age is only a state of mind. You can do this, we can help.


I will check the Legend Manual to see if it's the same as my 76S to mark waypoints. I'll get back to you.


While I was downloadind the Legend Manual sbell111 answered your question. I see you have an avatar showing on your post. If you were able to figure that out, this GPS thing will be a piece of cake.

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No worries, friend.


Open your manual to page 25. About halfway down the page, you will see 'To create a waypoint manually by entering its coordinates (lat/lon)

  • Press in and hold the thumb stick to access the 'mark waypoint' page.
  • tab to the Location field and press the thumb stick to change the coords. Do the same to change the name or symbol, if you want.

The thumb stick is the little button thing on the face of the unit. It works like a joystick to move between fields.

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Never to old. :P


Take your gps outside and turn it on.


Let it get a lock on the satalites (this may take some time) and then hold down the clickie joy stick that is above the display until you see the screen change. You may have to hold the clickie stick down a second or two.


Now you can move the same clickie stick up and down to edit the page you see.

Move the clickie stick until it highlights the cordinets.

Press the clickie stick again and change the cordinets to match the cache page cordinets.


Let us know how it goes or if you have any more questions.

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Here I go again-bragging about how old I am. (80). You just need some patient Geocacher who is willing to walk you through step by step. I don't know where you are located but there must be someone around. I sort of grew up with GPSs. Its been many years since I bought my Garmin 45. Took me a long time to master how it worked. I have had about six GPSs since then and each one was fairly easy to figure out. The manuals are not that much help. After a while just playing around with them seems to work. Best of luck young man. Dick, W7WT

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I'm significantly older than you.


Since you are just starting you may want to take look at my Beginner's Guide. I can't help you much with a Garmin GPSr, but anything else and you can write me and I'll try to help. If you're in Houston I'll take you out and show you.

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Where you located? I'll bet no matter where you're at there's an experienced cacher living close by. With a bit of luck it may be someone who also has a Legend. They're fairly popular GPS so the chances are good of finding someone who can give you a quick lesson.

BTW, my Dad is 74 and Mom is 73. They run a Legend. As of yesterday they's at 220 finds and I'll bet they'll be out caching this weekend.

I'm near Springfield, IL if perchance you're close by. If you're not close then go to near the bottom of the Groundspeak forums to the Regional section, post a note asking for help in the state where you're located. Or check for caching get togethers in your area. They'll be someone there who'll get you going in no time. After that, it's just practice and play with it.

Also, you ain't that much older than me.

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Your not too old. The manual sucks. Your only mistake was assuing the manual was actually handy. Of course you probably are old enough to remember the days when manuals were handy. :P


On the legend I think you press and hold the click stick to mark a waypoint. Then you edit that waypoint using the click stick to be what you need it to be. You have to muck with it a bit.

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I agree with everyone else, you ARE NOT too old! - never say that again.

Age is a state of mind & you control your state of mind.

Hang in there; things will come together.


Many think they can just jump right in - but sometimes you need a little help - here you have help.


Welcome my friend :P


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Entering waypoints is the biggest question ALL new eTrex users have (maybe other GPS users, too, but I've only had eTrexes). The manual isn't very clear about how to put in coordinates for a place you haven't been. It's not your fault!


By the way, the instructions you were given by others will work, but I'll just add that you don't need to be outside or have a satellite lock to "mark" a waypoint and edit it to reflect any coordinates you want. Since you're going to change the coordinates anyway, it doesn't matter what crazy guess the GPS makes about where you are (usually it just picks your last location).

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Thanks for all of the great help everyone.


Keep them coming they sure help.


With your help I can figure this thing out.


W7WT, are you going to Hamvention in Dayton in May? If so, maybe we can get together and you can show how to work this GPS.


stickwalker aka N8ZWM

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Thanks for all of the great help everyone.


Keep them coming they sure help.


With your help I can figure this thing out.


W7WT, are you going to Hamvention in Dayton in May? If so, maybe we can get together and you can show how to work this GPS.


stickwalker aka N8ZWM

Hello Fellow Ham Radio Operator. My wife just had major surgery so I have to stick around the house. No, I won't make Dayton. I also live in Bremerton, WA. My first call was W9ZKU which I got back in 1947. My home state is Illinois. If I lived there now I would probably go to Dayton. Best of luck. 73 Dick, W7WT

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Off topic- You may want to remove your email address from your profile. Anyone on this site can already email you through the site. Including your email on your profile begs for spam.

It is hard to get spammed from your profile page. You have to be logged in to see that part.


(Back to your normally scheduled program)

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Hey Everybody, I found my first cache....


I'm not sure if I found it because of my GPS or the clue given.


No matter which, I found one.


Thanks to all for the push to try learning my GPS unit. :laughing:

Stickwalker...you might like to check out the local boards Here see if you can email or meet with some geocachers from your local area.

They can be an invaluable source of information for you!

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