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Sorry to those people that didn't recieve them first time around. I had a debate with the postal worker who stated: "I couldn't get them hand cleared, and the machine would sort them out."


Well it didn't and a couple squirmed their way out. :rolleyes:


All the coins have been sent out and i still have a handful left for trades if anyone is interested.

Thanks again to everyone!



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I still have about 25 more available. So if anyone would like anymore or would like to order or trade, please send me an e-mail through gc.com --- I am useless at checking threads and PMs so e-mails would be best :mad:


hydnsek - your order went out on Friday. :unsure:

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Yes I STILL have some left. I thought there were only a few, but my wife uncovered another packet I had set aside and forgot about --- seems I saved 20 for myself 3 times instead of once!!!!!


E-mail me.

I sent out 7 orders today. If I am trading with you and you don't get them within two weeks please let me know.

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