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Searching For Zahrim

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A cacher with username Zahrim picked up my "Heavy Metal Frog" Travel Bug (TB733) 0n December 29 last year.


He has not responded to Emails through Geocaching.com - although he has visited the site recently. He hasn't posted on the Forums since 2003.


It looks like the last cache he did was in January.


Does anyone know him? is he still active?


I'd like my TB back in circulation.


Friendly Flyer

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Zahrim is without computer for the foreseeable future. He occasionally has access from a library. He might've passed it on to someone at Spring Fling.


Thanks for that (even though it was a while ago now).


I still have had no response from him despite some more recent attempts at communication and he still has my travel bug according to the GC site.


If you or any other local cachers meet him I'd appreciate it if you could mention my travel bug and ask him to either place it in a cache or pass it to another cacher.




Friendly Flyer

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