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First Aid Kit Tips


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I was putting together a first aid kit and my dad-in-law, a retired Navy medic, suggested the inclusion of maxi pads. He pointed out that they have great absorbency and would help staunch blood flow. I thought this was rather clever.


So, I was wondering if you folks had any first aid kit suggestions that you'd like to share?

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If you don't have smelling salts in your kit (and you find that you need one), pull out the AfterBite. It's ammonia.


A quick side note related to your maxi pads --


I was in Los Angeles for a conference. On the way back to the airport we had to evacuate the bus since it was leaking fuel. I looked at the fuel tank to find a perfectly round hole in it (looked like a bullet hole to me). Fuel was pouring out. My first thought was "a tampon would probably stop the flow".

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