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Gpsmap60c Vs Explorist 500

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I had to return my Explorist 200, kept malfunctioning. I guess it just as well. Now that I have a cable for my sportrak, I can’t see going without a PC connection. SO, if I have to go to the EX 400, why not the 500 and have color too. OK, the 500 and the 60c seam to be in the same price category, so I am trying to decide which would be better for my needs/wants.

I haven’t worked with either yet, but the both seam to have a pretty good geocaching mode. Can I get comments on both.

What about software and other options. Generally which has better mapping for Atlantic Canada.

Finally, do they both have the same abilities/accuracy and speed in determining a position. This Sportrak really sucks compared to the exporist 200. I really like it and would still have it but it was unreliable. It did a number of quirky things, but the worst was in the middle of a search I temporarily loss my signal and when it came back my memory was completely erased. That ended the trip for the day.

I am also think the 400, does anyone know if there a difference in the geocahing section between the 400, 500 and 600.

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Really! lol I wonder which I decided on. lol No, really, I like the way and the ease that you can operate the Explorist. So yes, I would like to have one without the glitches and connects to a PC. But I have a limited knowledge of what the potential requirements might be. I have only been into this for 6 to 8 weeks. When I started, I couldn't see any need to have a PC connection. I could type four or five points in before I head out, which is still true. But now I know I want that connection. Why type a few when you can upload the whole area. Ah, too early in the morning. I see you highlighter the malfunction with the 200. Are Magellan know for problems. I agree, with the history of the sportrak and meridian "ie boomarange effect" and my 200 why would I go back to them. hmmm Well, I still like the ability to zoom around the map and id points without going thru a cumbersome menu system like the lengend. My father has one and I have to say, it works very well too. Ok, I see the point. have to pick up a 60 series and check out the functions.


Ok, so are both brands pretty comparable. The 60c to 500 or the 60 to the 400? Will they both keep track of new or found geocaches as well as the other? and are both as accurate and fast locating positions.

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Your used to using the sportrak and you know you like the explorist 200 so I'd say go with another explorist. I'm a long time Garmin user that just bought an explorist 600 and I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I should have gotten a 60cs.


There is a Garmin way and a Magellan way, they both do things differently. Neither is necessarily better but they are different.

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