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Rechargable Battery Deal

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During checkout, apply 5% off coupon code "batteryspace" on it




Detailed Description


Powerizer Ultra high 2300mAh capacity means ultra long working power.

Excellent performance in Digital Cameras, CD Players, Remote Control Vehicles, Metal Detectors, Flashlights, PDAs etc..

Designed to enable rapid charging and long cycle life.

Last up to twice than ordinary NiCd battery.

Can be recharge for up to 1000 times!

Memory free operation provides great convenience.

Can be use as an exact replacement for standard AA size batteries in almost all equipment.

Weight per battery : 27g.

12 month Limited warranty!!

6 plastic battery holders are bonus to keep your the cell from lost ( with $5.99 value)

Note: The Above High Quality Batteries are truly 2300mAh Capacity (max -5~+5% error) which have passed serious testing according to IEC ( International Electronic Committee) standard (0.1C charging and 0.1C discharging at Room temperature). Any higher charging or discharging current would cause lower capacity testing results.


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I have those batteries (along with a 110vac/12vdc charger from the same company), and so far I am extremely happy with them. Not only do I use them in my GPS, but also in my Minolta Z2 camera, which is an extreme battery pig, and they are working very well. To each his own, but for only about $1 each, they are a great deal.


I question a few things that the "tester" did (in the above link). It has always been my understanding that it not not good to leave batteries on a constant trickle charge for long periods of time, yet he admits that the batteries were always kept on a trickle charge when not in use. He also used a different (higher) resistance value for the second test one year later. He says he doesn't believe that it made a difference, but how can he be so sure (the first rule of scientific analysis is to eliminate variables)? Also, I can't seem to find where he "tested" any other brand of batteries, so are those results too far out of the ordinary as compared to others? Finally, even he admits that for the price, they are a good deal.

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Good deal, but read here:




Pretty scientific, end result is that Powerizer batteries deteriorate pretty quickly.

The discharge rate used in these tests is considerably higher than the 0.1C rate recommended as the maximum rate for NiMH cells, and about 5 times the load of a typical GPSR. The test is fully discharging the cells in about 3 hours. To quote from the test page: "Higher discharge currents will result in diminished measured capacities." Yep. The test done after a year does not specify how the cells were prepared for the test, but I would assume they were not fully cycled, which could account for most of the loss in capacity. Having said all that, from my own tests I have found that NO NiMH cells yield rated capacity, and if you get 90% you are doing well. But then 90% of a 2000 mAh cell will power my GPSR for about 15 hours on a charge ... good nuf.

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I wanted to report these Powerizer, hereon named "Cheapos", batteries give you what you pay for - cheap in both price and quality. They are, after all, made in China.


I bought 2250mAh Cheapo batteries about a year ago.


My observations:


1. The 2000mAh Lenmar I had purchased previously hold a charge longer than the Cheapos. The Cheapos drain quickly. This 3-year old test review still holds true, that the Cheapos are overrated and outdone by lower mAh-rated batteries. I don't doubt it holds true today.


2. The Cheapos are a bit larger in size; they don't fit in some battery bays! for example, they are too large to fit in a StreetPilot III (yes, I have tried.)


3. The metal casing is softer/thinner as evidenced by the fact my set of Cheapos are staring to dent from the heat generated by the charger. Incidentally, I have a Maha C204W - it's great! I do have a Powerizer 10-or 12-bay AA/AAA/C/D charger but I don't trust it 'cause it has never fully charged my AAA batteries, and it makes loud noises when charging. The immediate negative aspect of the dents are intermitten loss of contact in the battery bay leading to power failures - very annoying!


I subsequently purchased Energizer 2500 mAh batteries from Walmart. These are my workhorses; they are great!

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I bought a bunch of these Powerizer batteries from BatterySpace some time ago and they have proven to be completely junk for me ! So I will completely agree with the comment above that with these batteries you get what you pay for.


I am planning to send the whole batch to recycling and just placed an order for a set of Maha Powrex and Energizer 2500maH batteries (along with the MAHA C204W charger) from Thomas-Distributing.com. I have heard really good things about the Maha brand ... will see how these hold up.

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