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Kzn Comes To The Cape


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Team Whostops & Team Noddy will be visiting the Fair Cape during June. :D


As time is of an essence I would like to ask the Cachers in the Cape to e-mail me a list of their favourite caches (+/- 10)

We plan to spend a day in Cape Town (Including the mountain), a day down towards the point (including Simons Town) and a day out to Franschoek.


Please also join us on the 11th June at an Event Cache @ the V&A Waterfront.

It would be really great to meet all of you. :D

KZN Caches in on the Cape

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Hey Whostops and noddy


This is a summary of the favorite caches I have found (or ones i recommend for you) and why (some might be a bit long to bag them all though):


Sentinel view - the 1st cache in South Africa! A reasonably lengthy walk with spectacular views!


Crows nest porthole - could take a while - bit of an uphill slog, but a nicely thought out themed cache


Finebush 2 - About a 2 K walk with amazing views at cache site!


Eagles nest - a bit of a steep exhausting uphill slog (but not too long) with great views again


Stairway to Heaven - try and jog up all these stairs for a bit of fun while in Simonstown


Coffee shop crawl -a great multi-cache in franshoek area with super stops and breathtaking final cache view (you can bag franschoek pass historical while you are here.)


Noon gun - well worth popping in at 12 to see the gun go off and find a cache


Wind farm - This will be on way to franshoek, so stop here and marvel at these wind farms.



Of my hidden caches, i recommend the following:


Postcard on the rocks - a nice short fun cache with super view and great poem too - better hope for nice weather for this one!


Lost in Dolosse - You'll be in the waterfront anyway, so have some bagging this - different and fun, and shouldn't take too long!


a walk in the gardens - shortish relaxing multi-cache with a difference, and a lot of squirrels!


Paradise revisited - interesting and beautiful historical spot


Good point! - if I have reactivated this by then, its a challenging yet fun multi. Could take a bit long though


Sandslide - head out to Bettys Bay and check out some hectic dunes. might as well do View from the top while you are there.


Crystal pools - my Favorite spot in the whole western cape, but could take up too much time for your short trip :-(




Other caches which might not be award winners, but you could probably bag quickly if you want to up your numbers are:

Historical series - harbour entrance

Sea Point historical

Sea point Contact

Kloof nek historical

Camera Cache 1

Hout Bay historical

logies Bay historical

Historical series - underground virtual cache

Historical series - some simons town history

Sandy Bay - cape town

Signal hill

Historical series - water mill

Steeper please - medium time if you don't mind very steep slopes

Table top trove - I havent done this yet, but i think its at top of table mountain



Also, check out for my one to maybe be placed in Stellenbosch/paarl in the next few weeks - probably to be called "hedge your bets" - the kids will love it!


Gads, what a lot of caches I have mentioned - good Luck. look forward to seeing your results.

I hope to visit KZN later in the year, so i will be placing a similar request when i head off!



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Hi there!

Just wondering if you will be driving down to the Cape, because there are some really super caches along the Garden Route, which we are sure you would enjoy doing.

The Otter Trail Ramble is fairly quick and the one at Nature's Valley - Valley View - is absolutely spectacular. Not too far away from there is also the Port Elizabeth - Cape St Francis one.

There are also quite a few in the Caledon and Greyton area.

A new one in Cape Town that we did recently, is the Noon Gun on Signal Hill, which is very well hidden.

Looking forward to the event cache next month and meeting up with everyone.

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