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Of course you can [:D] we camped out for three night last weekend at Porthmadog for the Steam Trains and Friends event and the previous Sunday & Monday we were camped out near the Long Mynd in Shropshire...and we've just been out and bought ourselves a new tent for next time...the Scottish event at the end of the month.

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just bought a tent for the carry on camping event was assured although it was demonstration tent it was in good condition got home opened it guess what parts missing and bits tore :D

taking it back tomorrow glad i checked it before i got to the camp

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We've been camping twice already this year!!


We went 2nd weekend in April, and last weekend... Yes, it is COLD at night in the trailer tent, but we take our Delonghi oil filled radiator, and leave it on all night!!


Last weekend We stayed on the site that the Carry On Camping Meet is staying at, very nice, with gorgeous views!


Only managed a few caches while we were there - we had to combine lots of people's requests into the weekend, but dragged a few 1st timers out... think we now have 3 more converts!!!

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We went out to buy a new tent tonight but Blacks didn't have the one we wanted.  :blink:

If you still haven't got a tent and don't mind a trip to Sheffield have a look at Towsure if they've got what you want and the price is right, join UKCampSite once your membership is confirmed go to Members offers page for your membership no and get 10% off all purchases in store. For extra fun go the Snake pass route :ph34r: as long as your passenger doesn't get seasick (you've got to be in a 4x4 to get the desired affect) like my other half :unsure:


Dave :o

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Our new tent has arrived after we ordered it on Wednesday evening. The double airbed is probably overdoing it a bit but it will come in handy in the spare room at home.


Now to practice putting it up in the garden - we wouldn't want to show ourselves up at the event!




PS - Dave, we have experienced the delights of snake pass quite a few times. With Pengy's driving speed there are usually a few a**e clenching moments!

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PS - Dave, we have experienced the delights of snake pass quite a few times. With Pengy's driving speed there are usually a few a**e clenching moments!


Ah doing it in a nice low car would produce those results, when it a High 4x4 with soft suspension it's a bit like being in the middle of the Irish Sea in a gale when the ship has lost the use of its engine (Norse Merchant Ferrys) :unsure:. Had a quick look at the tent that's a good package :blink: but the question is will you get quick enough to take part in next years Tent erecting championship :o


Dave :ph34r:

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Ah camping! It takes me back to my motorbiking days. I went out and bought a Honda Goldwing. 1520cc of throbbing, ok then whispering, 6 cylinder beast. Four speaker stereo, intercom system, air compressor, foot warming vents, sat nav system. blah blah blah.


I started off with a Vango 2 man dome tent,, karrimat, sleeping maggot and a trangia stove. The then girlfriend didn't like being left out so I had to get some extra bits so that she would come along: -


Armrests for her seat - its true

Kyham Mega Dome(?) tent - comes with its own ballroom!

Double airbed

Double sleeping bag

Double gas burner with grill

7.5 kg gas bottle

Fridge (powered by water (groovy!))



Stainless steel pan set

Stainless steel cutlery

And a 28 cu ft colour matched trailer to put it all in!


Fully loaded it was almost 17' long and weighed a ton with both of us on it.

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Our new tent has arrived after we ordered it on Wednesday evening.

And our Tent arrived on Thursday after we put our order in on Tuesday teatime, we also made our purchase from www.outdoormegastore.co.uk online after looking in our local camping shop and finding they were out of stock for a couple of days, a quick Google search led us to Outdoor Megastore and it was £10 cheaper too, we purchased a couple of other items and got free p&p and saved even more money.


We decided to upgrade our tent after borrowing my brother's Coleman frame tent, we liked the size and how well it stood up to the wind & rain last weekend while attending the Steam Train & Friends event, we bought a Gelert tent last season with all the odds & ends and used it about half a dozen times until we attended the Snowdon event last September, we arrived late and had to erect the tent in the rain and by the light of the car's headlamps and in the rush I jammed the door zip, tried to un-jam it and ended up breaking the thing with the door half open, the rain & wind blew all night and we were soaked, we got a refund and bought a Vango 350 from one of those end of season camping shows and haven't used it yet, so now we've got two tents and can't wait to go out and try them.


Enough rambling I'm off to bed now it's 4.06am.


Happy camping all.


Des & Bren

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