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Here is an email I got from Lowrance tech support about the Ifinder go's ability to Up/download data to a Pc. had asked numerous times in the forums and no one could supply an answer. So here it is.


Thank you for your inquiry. The Go To does have NMEA output

capability, but will not accept direct downloads into its memory from a computer.


Thank you for your interest in Lowrance products.


Lowrance Customer Service

12000 E. Skelly Dr.

Tulsa, OK 74128


Customer Service: 1-800-324-1356

Lowrance website: <http://www.lowrance.com/>


LEI: Parts & Accessories 1-800-324-0045

online at <http://www.lei-extras.com/>

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Thanks for the post skillett.


So far the score is "2 Lowrance employees say NO, 1 Lowrance employee says YES" Anyone want to keep track of the score :D


It's weird the lady one person talked to said specifically the GO would work with the PC via ExperGPS software (not exactly a vague response) However she may have been confused, looking at specs of all the rest of the iFinder family, all of which can talk to ExpertGPS..

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If the unit has NMEA output it probably will will "work with the PC via ExpertGPS". According to http://www.expertgps.com/help/index.html?p...racking_gps.htm ExpertGPS can track your position from an NMEA stream. So even if it won't do waypoint interchange, it will work for tracking yousefl on a map.


So it would be true in the same sense that "Streets & Trips" works with, say, a Garmin 12. (Which is almost never the same sense that a newbie actually means when they ask "does it work with...")


Disclaimer: I haven't used that feature in ExpertGPS and I have no idea what the ifinders will or won't do. I'm just playing interpreter.

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the ifinder go seemed like a screamin good deal.I mean;, A mapping gps for 80 bucks! it would be nice if you could upload cache coords into it though. I have been using gps for years I use them for Ham radio APRS which is an application that lets other hams track me on a map and I can track them and send and recieve messages to and from them. I also use an application called waypoint that will download tracks and waypoints from the gps and project them onto a street atlas map All these apps nead is a way to get data FROM the gps. So I guess if a person didnt want to use it for geocaching it would still be usefull and a good deal. but hey, geocaching is why we are all here right?

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the ifinder go seemed like a screamin good deal.I mean;, A mapping gps for 80 bucks!


Actually it's only $68.66 :D


Anyway, I'm not going to hold my breath as to whether or not a GO/GO2 can upload waypoints, if it can that's GREAT. If it can't, well hey it's an entry level unit :D and at least it has a NMEA feed.


If things were different, and all GPRr's made had a PC cable upload capability, then I could hear the confusion now... There'd be lots of budget consious people wondering why noone makes a "simple standalone basic GPSr for a humble price", right?


So Lowrance, Garmin, and Magellan all make entry level basic GPSr's for this very reason. Get used to it :D

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