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Ticked about LOG entries that are to specific!!!!!

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icon_mad.gif Note to cachers: Don't be so descriptive in you log entry that you blow the suprise for all the other cachers! Please be senstitive to the fact that this is supposed to be somewhat of a puzzler, even if it seems simply clear to you. If cache owner wanted it to be obvious they would have made it more so. When you see a cache so clearly exposed it takes the fun out it for many. Cachers in some parts of the country a really notorious for letting the air out of caches that way....Please keep the cache a hunt not a hand out! thanks, a concerned fellow cacher.


Anyone else feel this way...

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Is the problem with a cache you hid? If so, encrypt the log entry, like I did in my July 31 note at this cache.


If it was a cache you were researching with an eye toward a hunt, then I agree as to the buzz-kill. Perhaps a discreet e-mail to the cache owner that one of the logs needs to be encrypted would save others the same trouble.


I hate it when that happens.


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I like *some* hints in logs, occasionally, or simple advice, but they can spoil the hunt (which is, of course, the source of 'logs may contain spoilers'). It's nice of people to encrypt when they're giving away more than the original description does. On one cache we tried, there was obviously a gimmick, but it wasn't clear what it was, and everyone who logged it was careful to remain vague. As it turned out, the cache was missing, but we had to figure out what the gimmick had been to be sure of that, so it was still fun to apply our brains. Another team tried the cache just as it was being archived by the owner.. unfortunately, their log mentioned specifically what they'd been looking for. True, nobody else will be searching for it now that it's archived, but the owner may resurrect it and it'd be nice for the mystery to remain.


I like to err on the side of vagueness/encryption myself, and save blatant spoilers for the physical logbook where I know I'm talking to people who already know all there is to know. If I've really gotta talk about a great hunt, I'll talk to non-geocachers about it -- at least I can't spoil them, and I might turn them on to the sport!

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I've been guilty of this sort of thing in the past... and frankly, I'll probably end up doing it again in my excitement.


The logs I post are usually very long and detailed. I like to share my hunt with those who are reading... and this (on a few occasions) has caused me to get a little too descriptive.


Whenever I've been alerted of this extra information, I've gone back and changed my log.. and now I read the cache description before I type out my log, and then make a conscious effort not to mention any more than was mentioned in the description.



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Yeah, I might be guilty of being a bit wordy on my logs... but the person reading those logs has to take into consideration that there might be spoilers. If you don't want anything spoiled before you hunt the cache, don't read the logs - and if you are the cache owner, and someone says too much, you can encrypt their log entry - like mentioned above.


- Toe.


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I actually really enjoy the detailed logs. It's great to read about other folks expierences while caching. If I can't get out to cache I can at least read about the fun others have had on a given day.



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... love to read (and write) logs. Yes, we are sometimes disappointed when a suprise is ruined, and we try our hardest not to give away any secrets or suprises. If you would like to see an example of our adventures, just go to the August 16th Entry..


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Most of the time I'm annoyed there isn't enough clues. Especially when without a clue you will have to turn over 150000000 rocks and logs and dig up every leaf that has fallen in the forest. There is an art to hiding a cache so that a cacher will find it with a short enjoyable search that won't mean tearing up everything no matter how careful you might want to be.

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