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Placing Night Caches

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Okay, I have a couple good ideas for themed night caches. We found one wooded caching place by chance, where there were no "closed after dusk" rules. But this is no easy feat! Is there a trick we don't know about?


How do you find places that are open legally after dark? State parks are closed...state forests are closed...ideas anyone??? Is there a resource we might be able to tap into to find places open after dark?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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I've done some night caching in parks but they were probably city park where there wasn't a timline you had to worry about, or there weren't gate where they could keep you out. Keep an eye out for those signs that you suggested. Also as an idea you could do something in the public streets of a city, you would just have to be creative so people didn't draw too much attention to themselves when hunting for it.

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Well most Wal-Marts and some McDonalds are open 24hrs. :mad:


Seriously though it sounds like it may be a tough job to find parks that are open in the night. Here in Ohio the state parks are open until 11:00pm, so the few night caches around the state are placed there. You might try contacting someone in your state parks system, and ask them. There may be some state areas that are both open to Geocaching, and open at night as well. If not they may know of some city or county parks that fit the bill. I guess what I'm saying is just ask around. If you don't find any then it certainly doesn't hurt to be in contact with folks in the parks anyhow.

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The main thing is looking for any type of sign "Park closes at dusk." At least around here, if the park closes at dusk, there is generally a cop sitting there in a marked patrol car, driving through shortly before dusk, making sure everyone's gone before he shuts the gate. Which brings me to the other important thing to look for, a gate.


Even if there are no signs, there could still be a gate. That gate could be locked at night.


It's just hit or miss...


Look for parks without signs, or gates...

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I am unfamiliar with other states, but here in MS we have WMAs (Wildlife Management Areas), which I am sure other states have, that have no "closing time". And they are open to geocachers!


Corps of Engineers land (unless a park) is usually open at night, as well.

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