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Geocaching Soundtrack

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With over 2,000 CDs and vinyl records, it could be anything. What I'm currently listening to on my way to geocache tends to be what's in my car. Right now it's:


American II: Solitary Man - Johnny Cash

Storms - Nanci Griffith

Antics - Interpol

Read Music, Speak Spanish - Desaparecidos

Pawn Shop Heart - The Von Bondies

The Nature of - 22 Pistepirkko

#1 - Fischerspooner

Cult of Ray - Frank Black

Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Boston Symphony Orchestra

Give Up - The Postal Service

My Mother's Hymn Book - Johnny Cash

Ophelia - Natalie Merchant

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Lucinda Williams

Danse Macabre - The Faint

Broder Daniel Forever - Broder Daniel

Island Angel - Altan

40 Works for Piano - Louis Gottschalk

Candy Apple Grey - Husker Du

Boil the Breakfast Early - The Chieftans

Loaded - Tom Jones

Dub Housing - Pere Ubu

Entertainment - Gang of Four

Fever to Tell - The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

One Beat - Sleater Kinney

Don't Worry About Me - Joey Ramone

Reject All American - Bikni Kill

On The Beach - Neil Young

Elephant - The White Stripes

No Pocket for Kitty - Superchunk

Velocity of Sound - The Apples in Stereo

Aerpolane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

Symphonies No. 1 & 4 - Charles Ives

Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips


I had to go out and bring it all in. I like these threads. They always force me to switch out the music in my car.


And in my carousel at home (guess I was in an 80's mood this weekend):

Pornography - The Cure

Decade - Duran Duran

Repercussion - The DB's

Crocodiles - Echo and the Bunnymen

The Best of Bow Wow Wow


A while ago in a similar thread I came up with a list of songs with geocachie sounding titles:


This Must Be The Place - Talking Heads

Signal In The Sky - The Apples in Stereo

Sattellite - The Replacements

Dig Me Out - Sleater Kinny

The Closer You Are - Guided By Voices

The Walk - The Cure

All We Ever Look For - Kate Bush

Roam - B52's

Go For It - Stiff Little Fingers

How Far - Beth Orton

Nowhere Near - Yo La Tengo

Grab It - Dinosaur Jr.

Letterbox - They Might Be Giants

Walk On By - Cake / The Stranglers / Dionne Warwick

Searchin' - The Coasters

Obsessed - 999

I Still Have't Found What I'm Looking For - U2

The Thrill of It All - Roxy Music

Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Following - The Bangles

Sattelite of Love - Velvet Uderground

Go West - Liz Phair

Police and Theives - The Clash

Take a Walk - Spoon

The Climb - No Doubt

Exactly Were I'm At - Ween

Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground - White Stripes

Somewhere - Husker Du

Many Roads - Clannad

The Adventure and the Resolution - Frank Black

Hiking Stick - Barbara Manning

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - The Smiths

LOST - Iggy Pop

Searchin n Hidin - Paul Westberg

Its So Obvious - Wire

Side of the Road - Lucinda Williams

Using Our Feet - Badly Drawn Boy

We're Here - The Meat Puppets


And for plundered caches:

Only the Stones Remain - The Soft Boys

Gone For Good - Morphine


And in honor of McToy's:

Trash - The New York Dolls

Total Trash - Sonic Youth

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I put together a mix CD for our Land Rover right after we bought it, and it seems to be appropriate for Geocaching as well.


Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gay

Seven Bridges Road - The Eagles

King of the Road - Roger Miller

Why Don't We Do It In The Road? - The Beatles

Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult

Mountain Music - Alabama

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Climb That Hill - Tom Petty

Mud on the Tires - Brad Paisley

Road to Eldorado - Elton John

The Wild Rover - The Pogues

Four Wheel Drive - Bachman Turner Overdrive

Rocky Mountain High - John Denver

Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

Drive - Incubus

Road Tripin' - Red Hot Chile Peppers


It's kind of all over the place . . . :unsure:

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Conservative talk radio. Period. Have owned my Durango for two years (and an F-150 for 12 years before that) and have NEVER had the radio on FM.


On long trips or when I can't receive Rush, Hannity, Michael Reagan or G Gordon Liddy, I listen to books on tape.

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Well if we are drivig to a cache I listen to Julie tell me "the GPS is beeping, is it time to park" followed by "Do you have to turn right or left" followed by "Is it time to park" followed by "Do you have to turn right or left"...


As far as music, the theme from the God Father

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I'm puttin' a playlist together, too, carleenp. What are your top two or three favs from your shuffle mix? 


Roam: B 52's

Perfect Day: Hoku

Birdhouse in Your Soul: They Might Be Giants

Float On: Modest Mouse


Misc. REM and Live songs

Misc. mindless but "bouncy" pop songs



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I just found a Geocaching Mix CD left by someone as a sig item.  I listen to that, now. :unsure:  Though I'm not sure what most of the songs have anything at all to do with geocaching . . .



What are you top two or three favorite songs on the mix, Lunaverse?

"All I wanna do is have some fun" - Sheryl Crow

"In the summertime / when the weather is high" - an oldie, and google isn't helping

"Lost in Love" - Air Supply

"Jump 'n Jive" - Brian Selzter Band, IIRC


One other oldie that I don't remember the name of, and can't remember the songs well enough to google'em.



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Talk Radio - (if my wife is in the car)


Soundtrack to "Brother Bear" or "Nemo" or "[fill in disney movie here]" if son is geocaching - sometimes conflicts with Talk Radio (wife + son geocaching)


As for me:

Talk Radio - (10 years of marriage - what can I say - it wears off on you) :unsure:

Country Radio - (if the song is good)

My CD's (I think I own like 25 total)

Soundtrack to Star Wars I thru 6

Soundtrack to Indiana Jones Movies 1- 3 (ok ok so I like John Williams)

3 Different Accapella (Christian group)

David Meece

Soundtrack to Braveheart

2 Different Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - (Big Band Christian Music)

Soundtrack to Top Gun

Soundtrack to Saving Private Ryan

Soundtrack to 1st season of Survivor

Handful of others......


Come to think of it - I listen to a lot of Talk Radio.....

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My favorite artists/bands/groups and what I tend to listen to the most:


Ben Folds

The Shins

Modest Mouse

The Postal Service

Flaming Lips


Ok, since the first 5 are all favorites of mine and I never heard of Pitchshifter, you have me checking them out on Amazon.com.

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My favorite artists/bands/groups and what I tend to listen to the most:


Ben Folds

The Shins

Modest Mouse

The Postal Service

Flaming Lips


Ok, since the first 5 are all favorites of mine and I never heard of Pitchshifter, you have me checking them out on Amazon.com.

Pitchshifter is entirely different from the first five listed there. They're more political punk meets electronica meets metal. They're hard to describe. I first got into them because they're all over the soundtrack for the game Twisted Metal II. Or you can try here


I also forgot to add the Black Keys to my list as well. :mad:

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When I am with my Dad even though I am not a real country fan we listen to Tim Mcgraw and more "Pop" country, cause that's the most i can stand, but when i am by myself it's anything and everything-


Blink 182 -any song, any album

Taking Back Sunday

The Postal Service

Death Cab for Cutie

Gavin Degraw



I love anytype of music really

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A while ago in a similar thread I came up with a list of songs with geocachie sounding titles...

Five Steps by Dru Hill.

At Last by Etta James.

End Of The Road by BoyzIIMen.

Fields Of Gold by Sting. (Eva Cassidy’s rendition is excellent, too.)

Goin’ Up Yonder by Ruben Studdard.

Out Of Sight by James Brown.

Stranger In A Strange Land by U2.

Yeah! by Usher.

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Here's some music that I have in my geocaching playlist:


Jethro and Vash at the Fair


Ascension to Cosmo Canyon


Shepherd Won't Alone


Far Away Memories

*This is a good one for on the way home*


Braving Tal Tal Heights


Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle


A Storm in the Desert




Metal Gear May Cry (Remastered)

*This is one of my all time favorites*


Bonds of Sea and Fire


Chu Chu's Flight (Orchestral)


Legend of the Snake


Journey of Solitude


Legends of the Past

*An interesting celtic/metal mix*


The Tsunami Aria (Code 79 Remix)

*This one's a bit of a stretch, but I think the music has a similar "ecipness" that the other songs have*


They're all free to download at the links and all are 100% legal, so you don't have to worry about the RIAA coming to get you. :lol:



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Have iPod, will travel.


If I'm driving to a cache down country/dirt roads, I usually play some Country or Southern Rock...seems appropriate. Dueling Banjos is usually playing in my head during those times anyway. :D


Elsewhere, mostly Japanese Jazz Fusion (T-Square, Casiopea, Masato Honda, Dai Sakakibara, Mitsuru Sutoh, Tetsuo Sakurai, Hiroko Kokubu, and others...).


-Dave R.

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