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Cache Grading System

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I'm still waiting to get my new Meridian Gold to get into this interesting Hobby. While I'm waiting, I was looking into some Caches in my area that I could use as my firsts.


That's when I thought if there was any way that I could check out, (in this or another site), how good the cache is (either for it's placement, location or contents) besides the Difficulty Grade I saw at this site.


Thanks in advance to all.



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I thought of that, but then I saw the warning:

"Warning. Spoilers may be included in the descriptions or links."


I was hoping that this, or any other GCsite had implemented some kind of voting system or something, so when somebody logs a cache, this information could be accessed without having to read the logs and therefore, avoiding any potential "spoiler".


Thanks again



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Not that i've heard of, And even if there were such a system... how helpful could it be? I personally would still want to know the reasoning behind the rating. Otherwise I'd have no idea why the cache is rated X, and if I have no clue why its rated that why or who rated it... Its not alot of help to me icon_rolleyes.gif.


The current logging system allows for reading what other visitors have liked (or not) about the cache. icon_smile.gif



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A rating system has been discussed, but most people think it would be too subjective and don't think it's a good idea. A person who likes quick and easy finds may give 5 stars to a cache that people who prefer long hikes and challenging placement would give 1. So it really doesn't tell you anything about the quality of the cache.


The logs are much more useful than any rating system. If you see a lot of "Found it. TNLN. Thanks." logs, you might be able to infer that the cache is pretty lame. If the logs go into extensive detail about the finder's experiences, it usually indicates the cache is an interesting one.


I know there was also some discussion of implementing a system where you can recommend a cache, so a cache page might say "7 of 9 finders recommend this cache". Not sure if that's going anywere though.


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