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Gpxview Or Gpxsonar?

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Is there a preference out there re: GPXView and GPXSonar? Or is there a better program for an IPAQ?


Also what do I do once I have it loaded onto my Ipaq. I have the pocket querries, and I already use GSAK for my garmin. But I'm still at a lose on what to do next. There is plenty of help out there for the Palm carrying crew, but not much help for us Ipaq guys. I have no idea on what to do next. Can someone out there either walk me through this step by step, or direct me to some help that is much needed. Any help is appreciated. :(

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I use GPXView myself, I wish they would add the option to add comments to the cache page, so I can log my visits. So still have to carry a small note book. Not quite paperless (yea I know I could add a note to the ipaq) Just would like it in one program. Now if Clyde would make a ipaq version of GSAK - wow

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I went directly to GPXSonar when I got an iPAQ, and have been thrilled with it. That's not to say I can't think of a feature or two to add, such as sorting by time stamps in notes (listening GEO?).


One of the properties I really like about it is the way I can use it with Pocket Streets. Rather than creating pushpin files in S&T and loading them onto the iPAQ I just export them from GPXSonar. When I'm working a multi in an unfamiliar area and the waypoints are all over the place, this and another feature come in handy. In the cache note you can input new coordinates. When you export to a pushpin file again, it's these new coordinates that show on the Pocket Streets map.


Another big thing, is that you can export the notes back to GSAK (two steps), so you have a permanent record of your activity in the field.

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