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Palm Battery

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I just got a used M515 palm pilot from ebay, and it seems that the battery needs to be replaced. It hold a charge during heavy usage for 2 hours. Should they last longer than that? I was thinking that I needed to get another battery to replace the one that is in it now. The M515 has the internal battery instead of the 2 AAA's. Has any one else had to replace one, and if so where did they go. I live in the east side of the GTA. Thanks in advance.

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I was looking for replacement parts for a Handspring Pro, and found this site:

Palm Medic Canada

I ended up buying a new PDA instead of the replacement screen on the old one, so I'm not sure how good the company's service is.

Judging from the price they want for a replacement M515 battery, replacing the PDA might be something you'd want to consider as well. :huh:

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You're almost as likely to destroy the older palms as get the successfully battery replaced on it unless you have excellent electronics skills.


Anyone know if palm is coming out with a unit that has a user replaceable battery along the lines of their treo 650 phone?

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